Bridges heats up from deep as No. 3 Villanova defeats No. 4 Xavier 95-79

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Mikal Bridges knocked down 4 of 7 shots from deep in Villanova's crucial 95-79 win over Xavier.

ANNOUNCER 1: Xavier has its first possession of the game. JP Macura got it. Goodin with the crossover, finds Macura. His second 3! Villanova coming off a five point loss at Providence. They've not lost back to back games in five seasons. Kanter off a nice find from Goodin.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that was a nice setup by Goodin. --his man on the bounce pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: Omari Spellman. Big man can shot it and does. And a triple ties the game. Gillespie's open. And he knocks down a 3 to put Villanova in front.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Colin--

ANNOUNCER 1: Villanova's season. O'Mara catches his pass and again kicks it. Now Goodin drives and behind the back feeds O'Mara for the slam!

ANNOUNCER 2: But Quentin Goodin on the drive splits the defenders. And O'Mara goes strong right there on the money.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well Scruggs dribbles it off his foot. DiVincenzo looks to counter!

ANNOUNCER 2: Are you kidding me?

ANNOUNCER 1: Hefty bounce for Spellman!

ANNOUNCER 2: How did he see that? And we're on the same angle. He's going to not only run the floor but be able to identify that pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: A backdoor lob for Bridges who was able to put it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: In a game like this. Nice backdoor.

ANNOUNCER 1: Paschall able to plant with the jump stop. Feeds it off for one of the freshman in Jermaine Samuels. He missed January. Mikal Bridges a 3. And he rains it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: And I think the defender had already beaten him to the spot. And that's why they made the call.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tyrique Jones, nice running hook shot. Really efficient the other night in his first game back from injury. Here's Bluiett into Spellman. And one! And a second foul on Omari Spellman. Bridges for 3. With a hand in the face, knocks it down.

ANNOUNCER 2: --with their success.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bridges tries another 3 and hits another 3! Again with Macura's hand in his face.

ANNOUNCER 2: And if you-- he gets involved when he needs to.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's for sure.

ANNOUNCER 2: Trust me. Nice pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Goodin pays it off. Assist from Sean O'Mara. He's Bridges attacking off the feed from DiVincenzo.

ANNOUNCER 2: I mentioned that Xavier--

ANNOUNCER 1: --players with two fouls for Villanova. Three of them inside. There's Bluiett. Fires up a 3 and there's a chance at 4! There's foul number three on Eric Paschall. Couldn't hit it. Brunson trying to beat them back the other way. And Brunson lays it in. He is so good in transition.

ANNOUNCER 2: And if when they come down in half-court and they want to play with each other in the half-court, Xavier has more success.

ANNOUNCER 1: Naji Marshall. Quiet in that first half, lands a 3.

ANNOUNCER 2: --in the minds of the faithful.

ANNOUNCER 1: O'Mara again against Spellman. This time he's able to finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, Spellman got behind him. But--

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Bluiett stop and start. Brunson fouls him. A chance at 3 for Trevon Bluiett. A really valuable piece that sits down with four fouls with 13 plus left in this one. Bluiett a step-back. Tell him to take two. Clock down to five. It's Brunson driving into the lane. Leaves it off. And Cosby-Roundtree able to beat the shot-clock buzzer. Naji Marshall, a true freshman, maybe a future superstar, stop and start and lays it in. He's still trying to post and get inside. He's been effective doing that today. Bridges in traffic dumps it off. And Cosby-Roundtree thunders it down!

ANNOUNCER 2: That's where he needs it. Just a foot away.

ANNOUNCER 1: Diving to the floor! Villanova comes up with it! And in transition Gillespie. This time he connects! One in particular, Phil Booth, who they expect to get back. Villanova is going to get even better. They take this one 95-79. And 24 in 3.

REPORTER: Coach, you guys lost two of the last three. They came out this second half and started it with all the momentum. How did you restore the confidence in your kids that they needed to pull this off?

- Great leadership. Jalen Brunson and Mikal Bridges are our leaders. And when a place gets crazy like this-- this is one of the best college basketball environments. When it gets crazy, you need seniors and upperclassmen to keep you together. They did it.

- Jay, you told us before the game that after this game you would know your destiny. Your kids were resilient. What do you think of them today and how proud are you?

- I am. I'm proud. We're going through a little stuff. Every team does. You know, we've got injuries. But again, I go to our leadership. Our two juniors Jalen Brunson, Mikal Bridges, and even Booth. Booth even though he's out, great leadership.

- Enjoy it.

- Thank you.