Texas tops Oklahoma in Norman

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Mo Bamba and company took #23 Oklahoma to task as the Longhorns win 77 to 66

ANNOUNCER 1: I mean, you look at some of the great ones. Jay Williams was certainly a great guard I've over the years. Isaiah Thomas, those guys turned the ball over. Great defensive play. What a play right there by Bamba. You can't let a bad shot or a play effect you. You've got to just keep playing.

ANNOUNCER 2: Febres hits a triple. This is a good start for Texas. Jase is up on Doolittle. Three to shoot. Roach has to try a three.


Knocks it down off the feed from Bamba.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice start. Nice start by the Longhorns.

ANNOUNCER 2: Right now, it's about footwork. Footwork under center, making the transition. But I mean, it's not as big of a deal as people might say.

ANNOUNCER 1: Who's your daddy? Oh, he can go. Look at that drop.

ANNOUNCER 2: Kerwin Roach.

ANNOUNCER 1: Toby didn't like that, was right there.

ANNOUNCER 2: Trae Young kicks it out to McGusty.


Beats the buzzer. A triple to end the first half. Osetkowski tries again. This time he buries a three.

ANNOUNCER 1: He sets the tone for all his teammates.

ANNOUNCER 2: Slipped one along the baseline to Odomes.

ANNOUNCER 1: I'll tell you one thing. Give the kid credit.

ANNOUNCER 2: Roach goes at Young. Blocked by the big. Was that for the giveaway?

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] lit it up, boy.

ANNOUNCER 2: Bamba with the left hand.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's got to do more than that. He does not do enough. Go inside, get the ball. The guy that was really a superstar earlier in the year.

ANNOUNCER 2: Doolittle around Osetkowski. Bamba swats it off the backboard.

ANNOUNCER 1: I'll tell you, Bamba has great--

ANNOUNCER 2: Young, lost it on the way up. Roach got a piece. Trae Young gets it back. Reverse is good.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tremendous reverse layup there. Said to me, that's not the kid I watched.

ANNOUNCER 2: He'll try a three. Got it.

ANNOUNCER 1: All night. Here he comes. Here he comes.

ANNOUNCER 2: Kerwin Roach dribbles it down and a much needed road win for Texas, as they sweep the regular season series with Oklahoma. And Shaka Smart's team gets their first win in Norman since Valentine's Day back in 2012.