Blueitt drops season-high 37 points in No. 4 Xavier’s 102-90 win over Seton Hall

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Trevon Blueitt knocked down 8 three pointers in Xavier's 102-90 win over Seton Hall.

- To get that load of rebounding strength away from the rim. There's Naji Marshall. Does a little Marcus Haines act and gets it to go.

- A little behind the back show and go. Hello. And it's 5-2 Xavier.

- And even in their half court set is somebody eyeing him to locate him early.

- Delgado's been hurt from for Seaton Hall. There's Bluiett again. He's really in rhythm over Rodriguez. Emphasis on getting Bluiett involved.

- How to win in those situations.

- That's a great quote. I say that a lot too. I'm older in a good way.

- Ah.

- O'Mara!

- Speaking of old age!

- Xavier usually loves to have a cut down. They wanted to double team off of that cut down. But if you don't have them, now O'Mara's able to go one on one. And he's crafty once he gets the ball inside the paint.

- Well, Macura with a pick. Does not have a bucket yet. Bluiett is all about buckets! He is filling up the bucket! Already a dozen with four, count 'em, four from downtown! JP slapped that one away. He's just a disruptor. And Scruggs goes the distance. And the human floor [INAUDIBLE] Macura hit the deck in the lower back and he's still down. For three weeks. I know Trae Young's an incredible player. But they have struggled. They have lost multiple games in multiple leagues. There's Bluiett yet again. He's throwing them up from everywhere tonight. That's five-- five from downtown. Five position monster has given him trouble. Powell runs the curl! Counted and one. Yes, Marshall does get him. And there will be an additional opportunity at the free throw line for what could be a four point play.

- So he's always effective as has the impact of the game when he's on the court.

- Harrington. Intimidated that time by the size of Gooden. Here's Bluiett for three. Willard very upset that he didn't get a whistle on the other end.

- Use it as a weapon to discard O'Mara and score.

- Oh yes! Naji! Boy, as this young man gets better and better. That's the first second chance opportunity that we've seen from Mamukalashvili. They've got 18-2 now in second chance points. That's kept them within range. And Tyrique Jones with an answer flush. This ain't nothing [INAUDIBLE] happening only 21 seconds of game time.

- Yeah, and guess who's been running the [INAUDIBLE] for Seaton? It's been Jordan Walker. So give credit to the young fella as well.

- Marshall. And one! An answer from Naji. After Seaton Hall had cut it to nine, had chances to cut it to six and didn't do it. There's a fall away by Powell. And you can see the tremendous upside in his game. A rejection of Marshall end to end. Walker leaves it for Powell, a step in Trae off the heel.

- Guess who?

- Mamukalashvili a recycle another three. Hello! How do you do? The Hall is back in it! A time out. Xavier, closest it's been this half.

- Especially on the perimeter, not [INAUDIBLE] quick. But they played great team defense and position defense with can the gate not having the perimeter quickness where, you know, in the one game scenario, you could face a team that has that advantage you know, over you.

- Goodin in trouble, finds Macura. He'll have to launch. And as usual, JP will call upon the big opportunities to drop through his first three.