No. 10 Auburn takes commanding lead in the SEC with 76-66 win over Kentucky

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Auburn holds a 2 game lead in the SEC after beating Kentucky 76-66.

ANNOUNCER 1: Brown, 3.


I'm back, he said to the crowd. I'm back, Bryce Brown.

ANNOUNCER 2: What makes a great defensive team in the league? What makes a great defensive team in college, do you think?

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, You need-- you need some size in the league for sure. But it still all comes down to contesting shots. If players get good looks-- and that was a good look, because there was not a hand on the ball.

ANNOUNCER 2: Film session with Bruce Pearl, the way he and his son Steven really got after their guys over the course of about a 20 minute film session. Jared Harper, trying to get going. He's into double figures.

ANNOUNCER 3: And one of his messages was that guards should be fronting so that they don't foul.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wenyen Gabriel, aggressive to the rim. And Kentucky has its first lead since halfway through the first half.

ANNOUNCER 1: Every possession, and then play out from there.


ANNOUNCER 2: A lob from the top. Murray, finding McLemor.

ANNOUNCER 1: I like it inside. Well, you can't--

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice vertical there by McLemor.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. You just can't turn to the baseline and throw it to the other team.

ANNOUNCER 2: McLemor at one end, does it at the other.


Who was it? Washington--


ANNOUNCER 1: --made a great move, so willing. Jumped up.

ANNOUNCER 4: His name's PJ, don't forget his name.

ANNOUNCER 1: Trying to forget PJ.

ANNOUNCER 2: Brown for 3.


ANNOUNCER 1: How about difference there, coach? Miss a layup, drill a 3. Guys that are supposed to be one and done pros hung their heads. And guys that are not one and done anythings just came out of it and whooped them.

ANNOUNCER 2: This is a big night for the Auburn Tigers. Hoping to win the SEC in Bruce Pearl's fourth season. 2 losses ahead of the rest of the field still.