Providence knocks off No. 3 Villanova 76-71

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Friars pull the upset over Villanova, despite shooting only 37% for the game.

GUS JOHNSON: Jalen Brunson has a lot of boogie in his game, Coach. I know you had a lot of boogie in your game at La Salle. And I got the numbers right here.

BILL RAFTERY: My boogie was called the Irish jig.

GUS JOHNSON: Turnaround jump shot, Cartwright, good.

BILL RAFTERY: A little counter, huh?

GUS JOHNSON: Back-door lob!

BILL RAFTERY: Pretty. And a screen in the back, too.


BILL RAFTERY: Nice play, Diallo, too, making sure you're not moving on the screen. That's called preparation, scouting report.

GUS JOHNSON: Bridges finds Spellman--

BILL RAFTERY: Nice pump.

GUS JOHNSON: --with the ball fake, drives!


GUS JOHNSON: The hammer, Omari Spellman!

BILL RAFTERY: How 'bout this though? Hold on to your hat. Wow. Cupping it, and bring it. Empty side ball screen. And how about that? What a smart play. Again, typical Villanova.

GUS JOHNSON: Jackson again firing.

BILL RAFTERY: Boy, was that the open shot. Get away from the contested 3's.

An overload, nobody gets there.

GUS JOHNSON: Diallo-- offensive rebound, Lindsey. New shot clock. Cartwright steps into a 3.

BILL RAFTERY: Ooh! How about that double clutch? Able to ring the bell.


BILL RAFTERY: And who has it better than this kid dribbling here? Nice. Ho-hoo! [LAUGHS]

Over-- just amazing, over his shoulder peek. This is just great, folks. This is really understanding the game. Look at that. And a bounce pass. Look this. Ring the bell, big fella. And make sure you pat that kid on the back.

I'm just thinking of Lenny Wilkens here at Providence [INAUDIBLE].

GUS JOHNSON: Here's a turnover. Diallo, he's got Bullock with him. Diallo dumps it down, the kick. Cartwright, 3. Bang.

BILL RAFTERY: Wow. Good timeout.

GUS JOHNSON: Timeout, Villanova. Ed Cooley's team coming out in the second half playing with fire.

Diallo bounce pass! Bullock pounds it down!

BILL RAFTERY: How about that look?

Did what they want, but at the leadership--

GUS JOHNSON: Bullock to the hole. Oh!


GUS JOHNSON: Again! Rodney Bullock!

BILL RAFTERY: It's amazing what you can get with a pump fake.

Straight up man.

GUS JOHNSON: White crosses over, down the lane, high off the glass and in!

BILL RAFTERY: This kid can put it on the deck, playing with a lot of confidence.

GUS JOHNSON: Down the lane, Paschall to the hole.


GUS JOHNSON: One punch man.

BILL RAFTERY: How about that readjustment?

GUS JOHNSON: 69-62, they rise to their feet here at the Dunk in Providence. Brunson down the lane, offensive foul. His fifth. And he's fouled out with 1:08 to go.

DiVincenzo-- that's it. Providence defeats the third-ranked team in the nation, 76 to 71.


- Well, we talked about you to friends of ours in the coaching profession. You win great and you lose great, though you have a great temperament. I think a tribute to you is getting them ready after a devastating loss.

- You know, it's the league. You know, we play in a great league, a great opponent. I thought we played well. I didn't think Villanova it as well. We're really fortunate to win it. I'm happy for our team. And I'm happy for our fans.

- Defense, not too bad, would you say?

- Yeah. Coach Battle was the defensive coach today. They did a great job. Just a great team win coming off of the loss last week. So I'm happy for all of this.

- When Cartwright plays like he did coming down to crunch time, you're a different team, aren't you?

- When we're led by Kyron, Rodney and Jalen, Alpha, I thought we had contributions all over the place. Just a great team win, Raf.

- Such a great win, I think you'll be singing Sinatra songs later.

- All night long.

- "My Way." Congratulations.

- Thank you.