Creighton downs Bemidji State with strong second half performance

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The Bluejays were able to overcome a slow start to down Bemidji State 94-46. Creighton improves to 19-7 overall and 14-1 at home. Marcus Foster drop 12 points and 8 rebounds in the win.

COMMENTATOR 1: --is just painful.

COMMENTATOR 2: It really is.

COMMENTATOR 1: When you have a tough loss, you just want to get back on the floor and play.

COMMENTATOR 2: How about this start?

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah, they've had a good start. They were the fifth-ranked team in the country on Saturday so you know, who's going to be more engaged early? Clear where that's at.

COMMENTATOR 2: I mean, look at this. They're cutting up the defense right now. And that was Jai'Vionne Green.

COMMENTATOR 3: Foster not quite engaged here, getting a little bit out of it.

COMMENTATOR 1: Black on the drive, and he scores. 21 points in not even eight minutes of basketball here. Now a beautiful pass inside to a slam-dunking Marcus Foster.

COMMENTATOR 3: That'll get Foster going, but--

COMMENTATOR 2: I think it really was kind of the two defining plays that allowed Creighton to win that game. And here he is with a steal.

COMMENTATOR 1: And to Joseph who throws it down. Creighton has tied it at the 6:14 mark. [INAUDIBLE] who's had a splendid first half. Foster, behind his back. Marcus, for 3.

COMMENTATOR 2: It's a shame that Thomas couldn't handle the around the back pass out.

COMMENTATOR 1: Moving on to the next day and to the next problem. Nice pass by Mintz to Thomas.

PA: Kyrie Thomas.

COMMENTATOR 2: Good catch by Kyrie Thomas. Mintz think it's valuable to get some rest but they also don't like it because it's a long time to be off.

COMMENTATOR 1: Mintz sprinting in with the left hand, drops it. And Creighton by 17.


Lob from Ballock to Epperson.

COMMENTATOR 2: Jacob's got 12. Just throw it up near the rim. --routine to keep you sharp, keep you in rhythm of just kind of how things are operating from day to day. Got to play a lot of guys. Got to work on some things. And you had some important players, like Jacob Epperson, from a role player standpoint play well. So I think all things considered, pretty good night.