No. 12 Gonzaga ends No. 11 Saint Mary’s 19 game winning streak

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Gonzaga dominated Saint Mary's to end their 19 game winning streak.

- Josh Perkins! Johnathan Williams, aggressive to the basket and the follow slam!

- Boy, has Johnathan Williams--

- Silas Melson missing the runner. And a physical rebound from Evan Fitzner. Leaking out, Jock Landale runs the floor for his first points. Time out Gonzaga. That's been the criticism of Randy Bennetts over the years is, their schedule hasn't always been a very challenging one, as Johnathan Williams misses, but the follow up by Rui Hachimura.

- Their first shot defense hasn't been bad.

- Bigger line up on the floor for the Zags. They find Johnathan Williams underneath!

- Elevate up, set a screen.

- Boy, he was way behind the line. Emmett Naar has an open look. First points of the night for Naar. Rui Hachimura to the basket, and one!

- Isolation basketball. There's one team on the floor that has demonstrated itself to be in complete control for a majority of the night in executing.

- And win number 23 for Mark [INAUDIBLE], Gonzaga here in Maraga tonight, and breaking St. Mary's 19 game winning streak. The teardrop from Josh Perkins.