Iowa State hands Trae Young and No. 17 Oklahoma their 6th straight road loss

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Trae Young struggles from deep in Oklahoma's 88-80 loss to Iowa State.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jamuni McNeace lost it. Sooners keep. Behind-the-back pass to Young for the slam.

ANNOUNCER 2: What a beautiful behind-the-back pass.

Really, he's come out and been aggressive. You'd think with Khadeem Lattin in there, would have stifled himself. What a pass. Little Steve Nash there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Young turns it over, and here come the Cyclones. Wigginton lost it on the way up and was fortunate that it banked in.

--layup attempt right there.

ANNOUNCER 2: You have to wonder if he's maybe hit the freshman wall. And Oklahoma better be careful because they're just starting the break for this Iowa State offense.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bad pass. Here comes Trae Young on the breakaway. And that will keep him from having the worst scoring first half of his young college career.

--which Young was going to be the high scorer, would you think it was Solomon over Trae?

ANNOUNCER 2: No, I would not have thought that. And oh, that could change fast. Let's not close the book on that one yet.

ANNOUNCER 1: Shepherd. Wigginton-- long pass for Talley.

ANNOUNCER 2: Great pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson looking for that shot. Left it well short. Trae Young comes up with it. And here come the Sooners. Defender falls, and James throws it down.

ANNOUNCER 2: Once again, that advance pass. To me, if you're Iowa State, you have to throw the ball inside.

--taken some tough ones. When they've got in that paint, it's been good things happen.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson for 3!

ANNOUNCER 2: Just like we said, get a paint touch. Work yourself in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Trae Young deflects. 5 on the shot clock. Wigginton for 3. He's got it!

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Oklahoma trapped him to get it out of his hand.