Shamorie Ponds’ career day leads St. John’s past Marquette

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Shamorie Ponds' career day leads St. John's past Marquette 86-78. Ponds ended with a career-high 44 points. St. John's has now won 3 in a row after dropping 11-straight games.

- Crowd thought he got away with one, but he comes up with a miss. Ponds, quick trigger three. Good! St. John's with its first lead in the early going, an 8 - 0 run.

And they've had to rush some shots. And Rowsey's gonna have to do it again. A step back three is good. That's two. Goodness.

Simon finding Ponds and Ponds hit by Hauser. Score and he'll go to the line.

- Gets it done defensively leading in steals.

- Rowsey the floater and he was hit by Ponds and will go to the line. Rowsey now with Simon on him. Great job to free himself up. And he hits the three.

- He loves that little right to left juke.

- And we're just half way through the first half. Here's Simon on the steal on the stuff.

- That's when Justin Simon's at his best. This is when-- this is what Justin Simon does well. Leads passing lanes and athletic.

- On Howard. Clark taking Froling off the dribble. Nicely done.

66 in a row, dating back to last year. And Ponds off the skin.

Howard trying to get going. And Howard going to the basket scored in a foul and will go to the line.

- He has six as we start the second half. St. John's with the basketball. Owens from three and he hits. That's one way.

- 22 has hit nine of its last 10. Oh. Beautiful feed. Rowsey finding Howard for three. Marcus Howard

- But this one basically has been a one on one battle between Rowsey and Ponds. And Ponds with the steal. Ponds the euro-step and the spin.

- Doesn't really have much choice at this point. St. John's only played six the other night. And the steal by Ahmed. Ahmed taking it coast to coast. [INAUDIBLE] Howard scored on the foul.

- The Red Storm who lead 56 - 47. Hauser off the curl and hits. Beautifully done by Sam Hauser. Jamal Cain Howard had a tough time handling that one. But able to recover and hit the three.

- Priority. He's the Rowsey of the second half right now. He's putting on a show.

- Ponds continues to put on a show of his own though.

St. John's 12 of 14 from the field in this second half. Ponds again! Shamorie Ponds 34 points.

And he pulls up from three.

- That's like anyone else taking a lay up.

- Here's Cain. Oh. Over Owens. Make that [INAUDIBLE].

- That was a facial.

- Picked up his dribble. Needs some help.

Here's Ponds with a lane. And puts it in. 39, a new career high for Shamorie Ponds.

- That's nice.

- The three point attempt is good. Shamorie Ponds with 42. He is the first St. John's player to top 40 since Marcus [INAUDIBLE] did it in 2003 when he had 44.

And 13 on the season. Shamorie Ponds leading the way with a Carnesecca arena record 44 points.