Villanova uses strong 2nd half to take down Butler

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Villanova uses strong 2nd half to take down Butler. Donte DiVincenzo scores a career-high 30 points in the 86-75 victory. Nova bounces back after falling to St. John's. The Wildcats are now 23-2.

- And here comes Aaron Thompson, the freshman point guard, making better decisions. Baldwin again with a jump shot. This time a three. And DiVincenzo, nice bounce pass.

- Take that.

- I tell you what. Omari Spellman can give it to you sweet and sour.

- Crowding the lane-- you see steal, a near steal here.

- Baseline. Rise and fire

- Boom.

- You know, it's ironic. Villanova had an opportunity for a steal, but it goes the other way.

- He's so versatile at 6 10.

- Brunson posting now. The freshman. Cross the lane quickly. Left hand. Leader goes down.

And how do you guard that? Do you want to come down and double on the guard, post up, and leave open opportunities.

- Sean McDermott has checked in for Thompson. Base line, Kelan Martin, and he knocks down another J. That's a triple. Eight points now for Kelan Martin.

- And here comes Jorgensen, the George Washington transfer. Cross court, Martin steps into a three. Four for four, watch out, folks. Kelan Martin, the senior from Louisville, Kentucky.

- Inside follow, up top. That one goes down for McDermott. Right now, Villanova getting shot out of their own gym. Run

- To the other way. Off the dribble to the [INAUDIBLE], kicks it out. Spellman, top of the key, and hits.

- And it may not seem like a lot, but Brunson being under control.

- Pascal's out, now Spellman is being looked at. He's out. Got to take over. And he does. He's got that boogie woogie oogie. You said you liked him. Dancing with the stars.

- I like him.

- Jalen Boogie Brunson.

- Baldwin on Gillespie. Off the glass. Counted and the foul.

- Villanova right back in this game. Martin answers with a three. You got to keep this guy's hands full. You can't go away from him if you are Butler.

Martin the other way, in transition, steps into a three. And hits. Kelan Martin again, with 17 in the first half.

- [INAUDIBLE] to shoot. Bridges turns a corner. Cut off. Gillespie, take a J. [INAUDIBLE]. Martin the other way. Oh, off the glass, no good. And that's the end of the first half.

- Pascal out. He's in concussion protocol. Boothe out with the hand and the steal. Here's the grinder. Brunson.

- Bridges, Spellman, DiVincenzo.

- 13 points.

- You had to to ask that question.

- Had to.

- He got the insight.

- Brunson curling. Brun-- [INAUDIBLE]. And another rebound for Samuels, who has done a nice job off the bench. DiVincenzo. The Big Ragu taking this game over now, folks. 11 layups or dunks.

- And it's really two to 10 points in the paint for Villanova.

- Brunson, wide open. Can't do that.

- And Thompson is down.

- Villanova with three three guards on the court. DiVincenzo step back, jumper. Pure.

- A little isolation play--

- DiVincenzo, NBA three. And it's wet today for the Big Ragu. It's like throwing it in the ocean for this kid.

- Jorgensen drives, kicks. Martin deep again. And good. Kelan Martin within the gym range today, folks, he has 25.

- DiVincenzo, down the lane again. And the Big Ragu has got it going.

- Kyle [INAUDIBLE] a steal. Here comes Bridges, watch out. [INAUDIBLE]

- Here come the lefties, guarding each other. Brunson lost his footing. DiVincenzo pulls up. 30.

- The Big Ragu breaking out. Jimmy, you told me he had a 30-point game in him. He's got it right now. A career high.

- The stars came out and shine. The Big Ragu with 30. Brunson 27. And Villanova beats Butler, 86-75.