Oregon rolls Washington 65-40

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Washington shot only 27% from the field in their 65-40 loss to Oregon.

- And MiKyle McIntosh uses the footwork front iron to Chris. Dickerson off his wing. Touch past Dickerson, two hands.

- And David Crisp. The maturation of David Crisp, right-- If we're going to switch these ball screens right here.

- Crisp for 3. Gets it. He has been ice cold from 3. Last six games, shooting 17% on 30 tries.

- And he too, is coming up on that 1,000 point barrier. Troy Brown, the freshman, get the and one.

- On Nowell, his second already.

- He's OK from 3, but he knows it. He knows that he is best using his strength and his length, 6' 7", where he can just shoot those floaters over the top of big guys.

- Second best 3 point shooter in conference play. And no surprise, he knocks down his first, Dominic Green.

- Trying not to get the ball stripped. And then still had the wherewithal to keep his eyes on the rim, while falling out of bounds. And he's going to get an easy one here.


- Slam dunk, Troy Brown.

- Collapses on Brown. Paul White.

- An again, that is the soft spot in Washington's zone.

- [INAUDIBLE] out of Austin.

- I was open.

- You always were open. Pritchard with 8 to shoot. Gives it up. Bailey the straight away, 3. Safe to say, the Ducks have put behind them that 35 point loss, Saturday, at Maples.

- The worst loss in Dana Altman's coaching career, here in Eugene.

- It has been an alleyoop clinic.

- How much fun is he to watch?

- Been that kind of night. 25 point win for Oregon. Huskies see their four game winning streak come to an end. Meanwhile, the Ducks improve to 16 and 8.