Utah gets back on track with 75-60 thumping of Stanford

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Sharp shooting helps Utah avoid it's 3rd straight loss, beating Stanford 75-60.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: So watch for him. He's got that range. So does he-- Bibbins got it. That's got to be a welcome sight, because he hasn't had that range the last couple of games.

It's quite the list you put him on. I mean, that's high quality.

STEVE LAVIN: I think Duvall, one of the underrated actors in American cinema history. There is Bibbins, again, maneuvering well off the bounce.

Jump shot-- great trajectory, pronation on the wrist, came off the middle three fingers-- textbook technique.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Travis, against a double-- almost a triple team-- kicks it out, launching from 3 is Davis and he's got it.

STEVE LAVIN: The ball movement, one side of the floor to the other for the Cardinal.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Bibbins, feint down the lane, good dish-- knocked away-- and Van Dyke's save, shock block at 3. Gotta hurry, Barefield, the floater. And he got it to go. Just like they drew it up, right?

STEVE LAVIN: And found a pocket, some daylight there at the mid-range for the stop and pop.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Davis for 3. It's off to Mark Johnson's guy. Johnson's got two fouls in this game as well. Bibbins-- going to take it all the way? No, cuts it off. Van Dyke thought about it. Bibbins thought about it, will let it go, and he's got it. Justin Bibbins with another 3. He's got a game-high, 11. And the Utes with their biggest lead.

There's been a different Utah offense today. I mean, completely different-- they got 38 points here the first half. They had 55 the whole game against Colorado last week.

It's another miss from point blank, but that one goes in with an and-one opportunity.

STEVE LAVIN: Reid Travis' sticktoitiveness just stays active.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: And so Utah with the basketball. they're up 48-37. 5-and-change into this second half. Bibbins trying to be-- what a save. Because they tried to save it and he did. And Barefield let it fly and he's got it. What a turn of events with the save and the 3.

Meanwhile, four fouls now on da Silva, number 13, who's guarding the ball. So Stanford with a couple players with four fouls. Team-wise, they've got five.

Collette-- beauty of a slam. And the biggest Utah lead at 16 points with 10 and a half to go.

Pretty great.

STEVE LAVIN: He's probably too smart to go into coaching, but if he chose to coach, I think he'd be outstanding. When his playing career is over, his feel for the game would carry over to his decision-making judgments as a coach.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Shake is a little bit early and Utah impressive tonight with a 75-60 victory.

STEVE LAVIN: Well, you can't ask for more if you're Coach K of the Utes. His team came out, from start to finish, aggressive, tenacious, purposeful. A cohesive approach both offensively and defensively.

Coach, before we get to the basketball and impressive performance by your Utes, an emotional night with the passing of Jon Huntsman, a good friend of yours and a giant in this community.

- Yeah, well, we lost him last Friday, when we were in Colorado playing a game. And I wasn't a very good coach that day. We kind of laid an egg as a team. I think we've had a week to mourn a little bit. This is the house that Jon built.

And, you know, we've been-- I've been around 53 years and come across a lot of great individuals. And I told my brother this the other day, I don't think I've ever met a person that's been more inspirational for me. There's a handful of people that have ever donated $1.8 billion. And it was always about great causes. And he was just a special friend. And we're going to miss him, but we're going to try to take pieces of him and carry it forward.

- Well, on an emotional night, your team, from start to finish, performed well-- with purpose, aggressive, tenacious.

- Well, our zone was really good, Lavs. You know, we had a good plan for our zone defense. I thought we scrapped. We're a little bit embarrassed after last weekend. And get back to the focus of this team plays hard and plays defense. I think the offense takes care of itself. You've been around the business, you know it. And that's what we did tonight. We had an awful lot of energy. It was fun.

- The quarterback to my right here, Justin Bibbins, really orchestrated things for you.

- Well, he makes my life a lot easier. It's always nice to have a player like that, you know. Makes coaches a lot smarter. And he's been a warrior for us. I know, again, not to beat a dead horse, but last Friday was a poor performance. It wasn't a good one for him. And he was ready, I could see it in his eyes all week. And we got to get one against Cal Saturday, but it's-- he's a little warrior. Fun guy to have.

- Congratulations, Coach, and we'll see you down the road.

- OK, sounds good.