No. 21 North Carolina defeats No. 9 Duke 82-78 after 2nd half surge

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North Carolina hit 11 three pointers in their 82-78 win over Duke.

DAN SHULMAN: Johnson for 3. Got it!


Ball screen, Bolden.

JAY BILAS: And a good high-low action.

DAN SHULMAN: And Bolden's gonna finish over Maye and is fouled.

You would expect Duke to do more of that because they have a size advantage on somebody. One Of the big guys is going to have a big advantage on his defender in terms of height. Allen, the lob. Carter, the finish.

JAY BILAS: And when they have the opportunity to get down the floor. This was an excellent job running the floor by Wendell Carter, Jr. Not sure there's ever a time when Wendell Carter doesn't go after the ball with two hands, whether it's a rebound.

DAN SHULMAN: Pinson, not a good outside shooter, off to Johnson, who is. Another assist for Pinson, and another 3 for Johnson.

Carolina with a chance to tie or take the lead.

JAY BILAS: Ball needed to go inside on that possession to Wendell Carter, Jr.

DAN SHULMAN: Pinson off to Maye, and it's tied.


Berry for 3. Yes!


It's a 12-0 run, Carolina.

JAY BILAS: Well, that was a settle. When you've got that much size, you wanna go inside.

DAN SHULMAN: Williams wide open again.


His sixth 3 of the night.

They got a foul, but they don't wanna foul him.

JAY BILAS: I don't why they're waiting. He just missed one. You can't choose.

DAN SHULMAN: They got a foul. They don't. And Pinson slams it home!


JAY BILAS: What a performance by North Carolina this second half. What a performance by North Carolina this second half.