Howard’s 32 points lead Marquette over Seton Hall 88-85

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Markus Howard had 32 points with 7 rebounds and 5 assists in Marquette's 88-85 win over Seton Hall.

GUS JOHNSON: Cross-court, Myles Powell-- 15-footer. Got it, and the foul.

BILL RAFTERY: Boy, nice strength, huh? The svelte body--

--something I wish our production truck would get.

GUS JOHNSON: [LAUGHS] Steve Scheer, Bryan Lilley, our producer and director.

BILL RAFTERY: You've gotta rebound.

GUS JOHNSON: Cain off the mark. Carrington has got--

BILL RAFTERY: Give it up.

GUS JOHNSON: --Rodriguez. He does. Master blaster, Desi Rodriguez.

BILL RAFTERY: Well, Ralph's certainly one of the bright innovators in the game.

GUS JOHNSON: Must be so proud of his son. Meanwhile, Rowsey's starting to get warm.


BILL RAFTERY: Ooh, tough shot. He got it, though. The little guy, the jumper.

GUS JOHNSON: Anim cut off, yet somehow got it up and in.

BILL RAFTERY: Pretty. Nice hesitation. Speed control.

GUS JOHNSON: Howard-- quick release. Wow.

BILL RAFTERY: Boy, that was a late bump, too.

GUS JOHNSON: He averages 19. Rodriguez-- deep jumper.

BILL RAFTERY: That's a senior.

GUS JOHNSON: 12 to shoot for Rowsey. Pulls up, high-arcer, and good!

BILL RAFTERY: He knows Delgado--

Pretty good D at the other end by Rowsey, too-- gets the call.

GUS JOHNSON: And a steal-- Powell.

BILL RAFTERY: Give it up.

GUS JOHNSON: He's got Carrington. Carrington-- bam!

BILL RAFTERY: Good look. Great anticipation by Powell.

Pretty good transition defensively.

GUS JOHNSON: Here's Carrington off the dribble to the hole. Count it, and the foul!

BILL RAFTERY: The lefty going right, Gus.

It looks like we've got a little triangle and two.


BILL RAFTERY: Wow, and they make him pay.

GUS JOHNSON: 26 for Markus Howard.

Big possession here for both teams.

BILL RAFTERY: And watch Anim on the offensive rebounding.

GUS JOHNSON: Here he is slashing--

BILL RAFTERY: How about that?

GUS JOHNSON: --and hitting.

BILL RAFTERY: Good drive. Something he can do. Make them use clock if you're Marquette.

GUS JOHNSON: And that'll do it. Marquette snaps a four-game losing streak. As they beat Seton Hall-- 88-82, the final.