Providence powers past Georgetown 73-69

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Providence goes on a 9-0 run to seal their 73-69 victory over Georgetown.

ANNOUNCER 1: Gives it to Bullock. And a miscommunication there. Ball is still alive, kept alive. Follow the bouncing ball. Cartwright gets it right back. Opportunity here for Providence to unload, two-hand flush. Nate Watson.

ANNOUNCER 2: And they're-- they are smelling that blood in the water when Ashton-Langford brings that ball up the floor.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tell you what. Derrickson-- and it's sent back. And a run-out. Georgetown with Mosely. Going to take it himself. Takes-- takes the bump and makes it. Off the glass, three-point opportunity.

ANNOUNCER 2: This is the issue for Providence, right here. In the half court, they can't get them to their full-court pressure. You have got to to run guys off that line.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wow, a big three by Jamorko Pickette. He leads the club now, with 41 threes. Georgetown has made its last seven shots.

ANNOUNCER 2: It is Lindsey getting a look. First one in a long time. Can't get it. Derrickson kept it alive. And here comes Jahvon Blair for the Hoyas.

ANNOUNCER 1: You see their confidence growing. Pull-up jumpers. Good, oh, brother, what a shot. Jamorko Pickette.


ANNOUNCER 1: And now they look a little harried. They were playing with tremendous confidence a while ago. Blair throws it up, nothing doing. Here comes Providence, a chance to tie or take the lead. Cartwright, down the lane. Pull up. Got it. Tie ball game.

ANNOUNCER 2: Final possession, Ewing trying to get them to run a play. Seven seconds to go. Five, four, Mosely. Get it to go, [INAUDIBLE] Oh, my goodness. Wow. 42-40 Georgetown. That was a forced shot, right there. Out of desperation.

ANNOUNCER 1: You got to know what is coming though.

ANNOUNCER 2: You're fortunate to be down only two, when your stud, Rodney Bullock, has zero points and has only taken two shots all game.

ANNOUNCER 1: There's Lindsey, way outside. Reins it in, and hits a three. He's got nine.

ANNOUNCER 2: Then, Diallo is the guy.

ANNOUNCER 1: There's Young, takes a bump. Lindsey, both too strong. Rebound to Derrickson. Chance to tie or lead. Couldn't get a clean delivery. Clean look there. Nails it. Marcus Derrickson puts Georgetown back on top.

ANNOUNCER 2: 59-all. Six and 1/2 to go. Govan with some room. Had it taken away. Diallo. Lindsey found it. Got it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Stutter step down the lane. He got hit and missed the lay-up. Back the other way comes Johnson. Mulmore stepping into it, down low, Govan's got it. 27, ties his career best. And Georgetown has a 65-62 lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: 37 seconds, 12-second shot clock differential needed.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson three, no. Rebound. Diallo [INAUDIBLE] foul.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here is a big free throw.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tie ball game.

ANNOUNCER 2: Mosely with eight, Mosely drive. Throws it up. No good. Rebound, and a foul on the play. Jessie Govan is going to be called for the foul on that rebound.

ANNOUNCER 1: Cartwright--

ANNOUNCER 2: Steps up, makes it happen.

ANNOUNCER 1: Providence with a 71-69 lead, with 4.2 seconds to go.

ANNOUNCER 2: Jagan Mosely is allowed to run. He's right handed. Right handed, and in-- and knocked away. And that's going to do it.

ANNOUNCER 1: A foul on the play with six-tenths of a second. A foul on Trey Dickerson. Academic now.