No. 15 Tennessee tops No. 24 Kentucky 61-59 for 6th straight win

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Lamonte Turner pours in 16 points coming off the bench as Tennessee beats Kentucky 61-59

- 652 wins overall for Rick Barnes in 31 seasons.

- Nice pass.

- Gilgeous-Alexander finds Vanderbilt.

- He makes things happen. Gilgeous-Alexander makes things happen. Good effort by both clubs on the defensive end.

- Turner with a three with a lot of time left on the clock. Shot goes down. That's the good news. But Kentucky gets a chance. And Green with a [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, Green, he made the big shot against Vandy too. To the city of brotherly love, where they're all celebrating. Nick Foles, baby. He goes from a backup to the MVP and all of his bank account going to go ding-a-ling-ding, like Danny's, like Jay's, and Seth's. Me, I get zilch.

- Tell you, he's been doing it all. Attacks the rim, finds open people.

- Green. Yes.

- But that's back what the have. He's playing those two guys together. Quade Green and Gilgeous-Alexander. Good things seem to happen when we're on the floor, Dan. When you get guys like Bowden and them who can make the three, that's such a lift for a coach. It gives you that momentum. It gets everybody fired up. Oh, nice steal. Nice steal defensively. Oh yes.

- He enjoyed the three. But he liked that two just as much.

- Williams back in for Tennessee with four fouls. Schofield tricked. Three on one! Count it!

- That's what he's gotta do more of. Attack the rim off the back.

- Looks like John Calipari was going to let them play.

- He's going to let Gilgeous-Alexander. He's going to try to win it right here.

- He's in some trouble, and the Vols have it.

- Oh, this could be a killer! This could be a killer! You notice that the last two possessions, Gilgeous-Alexander, after having a brilliant game, he tried to create stuff that wasn't there. Game's not over yet, man. Four seconds, three point game. See, right now, I do not let them shoot the three.