Blueitt delivers in crunch time as No. 5 Xavier beats Butler 98-93 in OT

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Trevon Blueitt's 26 points help lift Xavier over Butler 98-93 in Overtime.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fowler comes out to set the screen. Baldwin, baseline jumper off. Rebound here for Bluiett. Doesn't have numbers, doesn't seem to care. Pulls up for three. Got it. Doesn't take much space for him to get a shot off. And he gives Xavier the two point lead. Baldwin tried to slip the pass down low for Fowler, turns it over. Second turnover for him. Marshall, kickout. Bluiett, three again. Got it again. That was a point of emphasis for Butler trying to limit the threes for Trevon Bluiett.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, that's important. Especially as a big guy, you're going to get fouled a lot.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bluiett finds O'mara. Good slip, and a dunk. And the foul.

ANNOUNCER 2: What offense.

ANNOUNCER 1: --called the foul. Tell you what, if you're Butler, I mean-- Kanter now for three. Got it. I was going to say, you got to be careful. Because this game might get away from you quickly. And it's an 18 point deficit here with 9:10 to to go. And LaVall Jordan has no choice but to take a timeout.

ANNOUNCER 2: Look at Jorgensen going. He's that third [INAUDIBLE]. And they really need to score. And then he's knocking down shots, and creates real estate for Martin and Baldwin.

ANNOUNCER 1: Shot clock down to five here for Butler. Baldwin has to put it up. He does. Gets it up and puts it in. Always important to be good late in the shot clock. Naji Marshall. Goodin fakes the three. Keeps the dribble alive. Gets fouled. Puts it in, and the foul. Quentin Goodin able to put it in for his first bucket of the day. That was great. That was like a dance move he just did.

ANNOUNCER 2: Baldwin can do that, because what hustle to get back to take away the two-on-one for Xavier. He gets two points on the other end. Those are big swings. Scruggs with the left, puts it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: They went to go double Kanter. That left Scruggs open. Jorgensen turns the corner. Kickout to the corner. Here's Kelan Martin. Good ball fake. Jump stop off the glass. Puts it in. Pretty move by Kelan Martin. Five point ball game. Four Xavier players back on defense. Jorgensen. McDermott for three. Got it! One point game.


McDermott for the lead. Got it!


ANNOUNCER 2: And up until this point, Butler has the lead.

ANNOUNCER 1: Martin.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, have a night, Kelan Martin.

ANNOUNCER 1: 23 for the Big East Conference leading scorer. Bluiett trying to answer. He does. And a timeout taken here by Xavier. A rare offensive rebound. Kelan Martin, crossover. And he puts it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Boy, the hedge was just a little tardy, which allows you to split the defenders.

ANNOUNCER 1: Xavier has not put one in from the floor in over four minutes. All their points have come at the free throw line. Shot clock at 10.

ANNOUNCER 2: Great defense from Butler.

ANNOUNCER 1: Shot clock at three. Marshall to the hoop, gets fouled, and the bucket. Scruggs-- excuse me-- Jorgensen was late. Marshall puts it in. And he's got a chance for a three point play. Here is Kelan Martin. Martin for three. Got it! Sixth three of the night for the senior.

ANNOUNCER 2: Great defense from Naji Marshall. You're talking about a guy who gave Marshall six seven [INAUDIBLE]. Moving his feet great. Still trying to get this [INAUDIBLE] to O'mara.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bluiett for three. Big shot for Trevon Bluiett. 20 points now for the senior. Baldwin, kick to the corner. McDermott for three. Good look. Puts it in. Fourth three of the game for McDermott. Four point game, 58 seconds to go. And the timeout is taken here by Butler.

ANNOUNCER 2: Shooters everywhere, so there's not going to be a lot of help opportunities.

ANNOUNCER 1: McDermott for three again. Got it! One point game. Here comes Kanter, setting the screen for Goodin. Kanter, pull up. Got it. Kerem Kanter's been so big. Three point lead. Kelan Martin, kick out. Baldwin for the tie. Got it!


11 seconds, no timeouts. Goodin leaves it back for Kanter to go ahead. Comes up short. Martin. This is good if it goes. Off the backboard, we're going to overtime.

ANNOUNCER 2: You want five more minutes, partner?

ANNOUNCER 1: Wow. What a game here at Hinkle Fieldhouse. Fowler with those four fouls. Naji Marshall for three. He's got it. Naji Marshall, the freshmen, just a 35% shooter from three. Goodin picks up the dribble. Shot clock to 10. Bluiett wants it against Jorgensen. Goodin finds Bluiett for a deep three. He hits it again. But that will do it. 98-93 in overtime. Xavier moves to 22 and three. Providence against Georgetown. Here's Dave Simms and Donnie Marshall with the call.