Bates-Diop erupts for 36 points as No. 17 Ohio State defeats Illinois 75-67

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Bates-Diop finished with 36 points and 11 rebounds in Ohio State's 75-67 win over Illinois.

COMMENTATOR 1: --Since 1924. And a dunk here, by Andre Wesson. Jackson picks up the dribble and some trouble and turns it over. A steal, back the other way with a dunk is Kipper Nichols.

COMMENTATOR 2: It was all set up by Da'Monte Williams first denial because they're denying the wing so well to start this game.

COMMENTATOR 1: Seven points off turnovers so far for the Illini. And they force a tough shot there by Bates-Diop, the rebound. And here comes Illinois once again, trying to extend the lead to double digits. The 3 is good by Michael Finke and it's an 11 point lead for Illinois. Kaleb Wesson is back in with his brother, Andre Wesson. Another steal, this time by Kaleb. Jae'Sean Tate. Kick out, Bates-Diop for 3, got it.


COMMENTATOR 2: Keita Bates-Diop getting his team back into it.

COMMENTATOR 1: Ohio State giving Illinois a taste of their own medicine, causing turnovers. Turnovers leading to buckets. Black misses the jumper. Jackson, up ahead, Bates-Diop, another point.


COMMENTATOR 2: Good D by Wesson.

COMMENTATOR 1: Bates-Diop gets It back to the hoop for the dunk.

COMMENTATOR 2: Good give and go there by Kaleb Wesson. I'm telling you. Bates-Diop was on the glass, then he was running the floor, the he hit a 3. He had his own 7-0 spurt the first half.

COMMENTATOR 1: Alstork, again, he had a chance for a step back jumper, right there, didn't take it. Shot clock at five. Nichols, for 3, back rims it, offensive rebound for Jordan. Frazier, kick out, Nichols, for 3. This time he hits it. Count the bucket. There's a foul away from the ball. --And checking in for him now. Turn over, Alstork got it and the foul.

COMMENTATOR 2: Boy, you just cannot fall asleep against this Illini defense. --Lost in overtime. They were up on the road at Nebraska and got beat by a last- second James Palmer 3.


COMMENTATOR 1: Bates-Diop, for 3, got it. Tie game.

COMMENTATOR 2: Great rotation on the basketball.

COMMENTATOR 1: Finke sets the screen. Frazier, a deep 3 off the back of the rim, Bates-Diop with the rebound. Up ahead, Dakich.


COMMENTATOR 2: So if you're the Illini here, you don't have to foul. Just need to stay sharp, defensively, with no breakdown.

COMMENTATOR 1: Tate had position underneath. Tate, short, Wesson, the rebound, puts it in. --On a good win for Ohio State. That 19 nothing run in the first half. And they will move to 11 and 1 in conference play. 20 wins on the season for Ohio State. And 10 conference wins in each of the last five seasons. What a coach Chris Holtmann is.