Vin Parise sits down with Seton Hall’s four Senior starters

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Vin Parise sits down with Seton Hall's four Senior starters ahead of their game against Villanova.

- Seton Hall entered this season with elevated expectations, due to that senior dominated group who have led the Pirates' resurgence. Four of those seniors sat down with our Vin Parise to talk about their journey together, and show just how much, or how little, they've learned about each other along the way.

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to Seton Hall seniors trivia, with your host, Vin Parise.

VIN PARISE: Out of the four of you, who has the best dance moves? Let's show our votes.


ISMAEL SANOGO: Gets competitive in there dancing-wise it.

VIN PARISE: Who eats the most at team meals? This could be a sweep for Angel. Angel wins, four nothing.

KHADEEN CARRINGTON: He's great at everything.

VIN PARISE: Who is Desi's celebrity crush?

ISMAEL SANOGO: I don't talk about it so much, I don't want anybody to take her.

VIN PARISE: Rhianna.

ANGEL DELGADO: I like Rhianna too.

DESI RODRIGUEZ: Well chill, boy, that's my girl.

VIN PARISE: What is Ish's favorite food?

DESI RODRIGUEZ: I put Newark sub.

KEVIN WILLARD: They've played together for so long. And not only in college, but some of them played together in AU, some of them played together in high school.

KHADEEN CARRINGTON: I know both these guys before, eleventh grade, tenth grade. And Desi I knew since about fifth or sixth grade. And I met Ish around the time when I committed here.

ISMAEL SANOGO: We all played in ISA together. Just like blew everybody out. And then, from then, we just knew something special was going to happen.

VIN PARISE: What do you guys think of, when you look back at your freshman year?

ISMAEL SANOGO: Big east play, we really struggled a lot. And I'm like, three years later, I'm actually thankful that we struggled our freshman year. So that we know how to handle adversity.

VIN PARISE: At what point did you guys feel, you know what, we could get this thing rolling. This is right.

ANGEL DELGADO: I think it was our sophomore year. We came prepared, we said, we got one of the best teams.

DESI RODRIGUEZ: We knew we were young, but we had to get better. We were the franchise of this program.

ANGEL DELGADO: So we just got to working. And we just believe in ourselves.

ANNOUNCER: We got a Seton Hall ball club that has big expectations. They got the most senior points in the nation returning.

ISMAEL SANOGO: We can't afford to rest. We have to come out every day, playing our best, because we're going to get every team's best shot.

KEVIN WILLARD: That's one thing I really respect that about this group, is that they really are continuing to stay with what got them there, which is a tremendous work ethic. What's the message of Seton Hall basketball day in and day out these days?

DESI RODRIGUEZ: The main goal is just not winning games, and being happy about it. It's about winning the championship, and doing things that we haven't done yet as a team.

VIN PARISE: I want to fast forward. March Madness is about to begin. The analysts across the country, what do you want them to be saying about Seton Hall basketball?

KHADEEN CARRINGTON: That Seton Hall's going to win it all. Once we stay with each other, once we stick with coach, and just keep a level head, that we could go very far.

DESI RODRIGUEZ: We left a lot here, we put it all on the floor. And this is something to look after, and talk about years down the road.

ANGEL DELGADO: We are a family. Everybody came here to make a legacy. We want to make our history.