No. 5 Michigan State narrowly avoids being upset by Indiana

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Indiana nearly takes down Michigan State, despite shooting only 28% for the game.

DAVE FLEMMING: We'll have more on that. We talked to Tom before the game. Jackson--


DAVE FLEMMING: --with the tremendous dunk. Wow.

DAN DAKICH: Caught it on the perimeter. Has enough outside game to shot fake and draw the defense and then dunked on the entire state of Indiana. --in addition, lately off the bench.

DAVE FLEMMING: That was a pretty good 20 second sequence for him. Morgan had his shot rejected even with Jackson on the bench now. Michigan State still protecting the rim. Same spot, same result.

DAN DAKICH: Why not? Kids out--


DAN DAKICH: --there, don't come in thinking offense. Come in thinking play hard.

DAVE FLEMMING: Brought Bridges underneath the basket.

DAN DAKICH: Smart play.

DAVE FLEMMING: Couldn't hit it. Now he does, and he scores.

DAN DAKICH: Smart, very smart. You all of a sudden had Newkirk trying to guard Bridges, and it's no match.

Purdue is playing so well. They had a struggle today, though, with Rutgers. Rutgers was game.

DAVE FLEMMING: What a lob. Jackson with the finish.

DAN DAKICH: Jackson went behind the zone. So well-coached by Tom Izzo.

DAVE FLEMMING: Maybe this guy, Juwan Morgan. He's been their best player. Good passing. Johnson, 3.


DAN DAKICH: That's his shot.

DAVE FLEMMING: Goins almost had it stripped. Shot clock's at five.

DAN DAKICH: Boy, that was by Durham, not letting him get it back. Make him shoot.


DAN DAKICH: Yeah, make him shoot.

DAVE FLEMMING: Down low, Morgan working his way in. No Jackson on the floor. The shot blocker not out there. Indiana takes advantage.

DAN DAKICH: And everybody stayed spread, which you don't necessarily have to do. You can go get Newkirk and double.

DAVE FLEMMING: Winston against Green, found McQuaid for 3, yes.

DAN DAKICH: What a great play by Winston. Everybody came, and he found the shooter. McQuaid has been huge in this game.

Missed them both. Got a chance to tie.


DAVE FLEMMING: Almost. Off the back of the rim for the tie.