Texas knocks off No. 12 Oklahoma 79-74

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Texas forces 17 turnovers in their 79-74 upset of Oklahoma.

ANNOUNCER 1: Roach looking for help as he picked up his dribble. Jericho Sims into the game now for Texas. A guy with tremendous athleticism. A freshman who they've got some really high hopes for. Davis can't get away from his defender, James.

ANNOUNCER 2: Very little cutting right now for Texas.

ANNOUNCER 1: And a deep 3 for Davis when not a lot was going on in that possession.

And now the Sooners running off the miss by Coleman. Another look inside. And assist number six for Young, as McNeace is filling it up right now for the Sooners.

Texas is down by only 3.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, that's the sixth 3-point field goal by Texas, a team that has not been considered a good shooting team. But the 3-point line keeping them in it right now.

ANNOUNCER 1: And that's got them on the feet. And here's a steal by Roach!

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Mo Bamba is just getting better and better. He's starting to play lower in the post. Early in the season, he was easy to knock off his position, because he wasn't down low and strong.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Oklahoma nearly a turnover. It winds up with Young. And he knocks down his first shot of the second half.

Roach back in the game with three fouls.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: Osetkowski. They play on. Open look. Coleman. Got it. And the Longhorns--

--St. John's today. Shamorie Ponds was outstanding. And St. John's beats Duke.


ANNOUNCER 1: Young, the lob, and the finish for McNeace.

ANNOUNCER 2: What a big time play by Trae Young.

One, they haven't had a ton of experience doing it this year, because Trae Young has the ball in his hands all the time.

ANNOUNCER 1: Driving and finishing, Kerwin Roach. It's a 10-0 run for Texas. Roach saying, let's go. Down to Davis. The lob for Bamba!