Stanford crushes Oregon 96-61

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Stanford shot 61% from the field in their 96-61 win over Oregon.

COMMENTATOR: Okpala, baseline, cut off by White. Humphrey, pretty pass to Pickens. 1000 points for his career. You can count on a chance for the 3-point play.

COMMENTATOR: Actually, on that possession, Oregon fell back into their man. Again, different looks.

COMMENTATOR: An impressive turnaround in coach Hopkin's first season with the Huskies. Good hi-lo.

COMMENTATOR: Travis, too strong. Humphrey cleans it up with two hands.

COMMENTATOR: --Puts one down at mid-range. There's that press, turnover, Brown in the open court and finish. A chance for a 3-point play. And that's where Oregon will strike quickly. --Naples Pavilion. You score, I score. Look out for one another. And there's Pickens continuing the theme.

COMMENTATOR: And Daejon Davis leads the Cardinal in floor burns, picked up another there. Travis just punches it to Okpala. Da Silva, head of steam. Biggest lead for the Cardinal today.

COMMENTATOR: Goose eggs in the first half. It's an usual statistic even with the foul trouble that Wooten has.

COMMENTATOR: White, trying to go through the legs. In the paint against Da Silva. Well, for McIntosh, he's been the best scorer in conference play to your point.

COMMENTATOR: Six double doubles.


COMMENTATOR: Okpala, watch out.


COMMENTATOR: --Most concerned about his team's defense and rebounding. I would imagine after this afternoon's performance-- there's a steal by Brown. Troy Brown with the finish. They need to see more of that so you can find a better way.

COMMENTATOR: Sharma. Had that monster game against Arizona State when he was 7 for 7, have been pretty quiet since. And they absolutely mopped the floors with the Ducks here, this afternoon from Naples. This is nothing shy of a surprise. That's no knock on Stanford. As Lav said, would Stanford had won, we would not have been surprised, but by this margin, this is pretty surprising.

COMMENTATOR: Well, the disparity was surprising. That's what you get when one team plays lights out, as Stanford did. Offensively, they executed to precision. Defensively, they were tied together throughout this game. And then the Oregon ducks laid an egg.