Providence hangs on to beat Marquette 77-75

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Marquette's comeback effort falls just short as they fall to Marquette 77-75.

ANNOUNCER: You can set out of a moving screen, but you can't get away with Anim's shoulder, as you set there.

ANNOUNCER: Watson, banging on Theo John. Nice job by John, forcing the turn over. Marquette-- this is where they thrive, in transition.

ANNOUNCER: What a pass.

ANNOUNCER: Theo John pays it off.


ANNOUNCER: And Cartwright- now he's engaged Elliott with those long arms.


ANNOUNCER: And Isaiah Jackson knocks down this shot, a chance for another. And here come the Friars. Howard back in the corner.

ANNOUNCER: Howard missed Elliott, who had a dunk. And now, Elliott turns it over. Diallo with Howard-- and Alpha Diallo puts Providence up by 6 points, their largest lead of the game. It's an 11-0 run right now by Providence. Kind of a disjointed possession, but Anim's still able to find the bottom of the hoop.


Not the prettiest possession, but it's a 9-0 run.

ANNOUNCER: Now, you're talking as big a must win game as you're gonna have February 3rd-- anywhere in the country, let alone the Big East.

ANNOUNCER: And immediately they go back door cut to Alpha Diallo to give the Friars a lead again.

ANNOUNCER: Great called set play out of the halftime.

ANNOUNCER: And Froling on the floor for the first time in the second half, Theo John gets a much deserved break. Hauser trying to go baseline, spinning around on Jackson. Turn around-- jumper is good!

ANNOUNCER: Man, that was nice. Sam Hauser is super, super skilled. Rowsey's got four fouls, he can't even afford to flop.

ANNOUNCER: Eight to shoot as Jackson goes to the right hand-- Diallo with the offensive rebound, with both Howard and Rowsey in the painted area.

ANNOUNCER: See what kind of offense Marquette tries to put together. Good pass and right into Greg Elliott.


ANNOUNCER: And now Hauser on Cartwright. Cartwright-- pull up jumper. Just can not stop it-- and he is really in rhythm right now, dancing on his way back to the floor. 25 seconds to play, nobody with time outs. Howard underneath--



ANNOUNCER: What are you doing!


ANNOUNCER: What are you doing!

ANNOUNCER: That ball is about ready to go down, and Theo John just took points off the board for Marquette.

ANNOUNCER: You forget they're kids, man This ball is going in. And even if it wasn't going in, what are you doing?

ANNOUNCER: Now the reaction from the bench, too, told the whole story. That thing was going down. Missed them both!

Elliott has the rebound, 2 point game. And it's stolen away by Kyron Cartwright, they keep it in bounds. And the whistle blows. The senior Kyron Cartwright stole it away from Markus Howard, and Providence comes away with a 2 point win.

ANNOUNCER: This is coaching. This is coaching from Providence. They double-team Markus Howard as soon as he got the basketball, and corralled him. They knew Marquette had only one option to bring the ball to court.

As soon as the ball goes in, watch Jalen Lindsey. He's doubling, and Kyron Cartwright-- second consecutive year, he's going to get to win in Milwaukee.

ANNOUNCER: They are now two and ten in this building. And Kyron Cartwright, Alpha Diallo-- lead the way for the Providence Friars, as they improve to 15 and eight, and six and four in conference. And they steal this win against Marquette.