Donny Marshall shares his Final Four predictions

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Donny Marshall breaks down his picks for the 2018 Final Four.

- Let's talk about the Final Four and who is headed to San Antonio. Donny's he's got his--

- Yep.

- Elite four selections.

- Yes, I do.

- Right now. Let's start with Duke. Are they one of the four that go?

- Yes, they are. And it starts with them-- probably the most talented team in all of college basketball, even though a lot of that weight is on their freshmen.

Coach K-- 91 NCAA tournament wins. I would say, Casey, he is the best coach that college basketball has ever seen. I know there's some people in LA that might disagree.

But Coach K backed 12 final fours, tied for most. I got to put Duke there. Love them or hate them, they're in my final four.

- They are the most talented team in the country. They're young, though. And their youth often shows up on the defensive side of the ball. Can they defend to get through a final four? I don't know.

- This in no particular order-- Villanova, number one again this week, are they in your final score?

- Absolutely. I've got to go with the Wildcats. Listen, my heart is in the Big East, but Villanova backs it up for me. Even without Phil Booth, Jay Wright finds a way to get guys involved. His freshmen-- Dante DiVencenzo-- they call him the Michael Jordan of Delaware.

They're going to need him and Jalen Brunson-- what does our guy [INAUDIBLE] call him? The lawnmower. Whatever that means, I'm still trying to figure it out. But they are a team that can score a ton of points. They change up their defenses. Guys have done a great job already in a short time of stepping in for the injured Phil Booth.

- No Booth, but he'll likely be back for the tournament, Donny. And as long as they have Jalen Brunson and Mikail Bridges healthy, I love this final four pick.

- Six programs left on the board.

- Yep, I've got to go with a team I can't live without-- that time of year.

- Can't live without?

- I can't live without Purdue because they're the most complete team. They do such a great job, scoring the ball 84 points a game. Their field goal percentage is just above 50. And oh yeah, by the way, their scoring margin? 20 1/2.

They're beating teams like they stole something. This is a team that can play you inside in the half court. They can play in transition. They have great wings. They also can knock down shots from the outside. They are dangerous. Actually, I am giving something away here. They're going to win the entire thing.

- Oh.

- Hm.

- They're my national champions.

- They are the hottest team in the country, but they still have to play at Michigan State in East Lansing in a week. February 10th. I can't wait to see that game. And then I'll have a more strong opinion about Purdue.

- Three down, one to go. Who do you got, Donny?

- My last one is not very sexy unless you like boring. And I mean that with all due respect. I mean that with all due respect to UVA fans. Tony Bennett has done a tremendous job of making teams play at his pace. It's not fun.

It's also why I think they have a chance to get to the final four because what do they say? Defense wins championships, Casey. Listen. They may struggle scoring at times, but this team is not one you want to run into if you're trying to get deep into the NCAA tournament.

- There's no question. This might be the best defensive team that Tony Bennett has ever had in Virginia. And that is saying something because he's had a lot of good squads. But no love for Arizona? How about them? One of the hottest teams along with Purdue in the entire country.

They've been missing Rawle Alkins, who is one of their best players, their best defensive player. Yet all they do is win. I know the Pac 12 is down, but DeAndre Ayton is the best center in all of college basketball. Allonzo Trier averaging 20 points a game. You don't like that?

- All they do is win.

- Too much DJ Khalid for you. They have to learn how to play against the zone defense. That's the only thing that scares me. I don't think they give DeAndre Ayton involved enough consistently. He's shooting jump shots one game, the next game he has to earn them from the foul line. They have a lot of things to figure out.

- And a lot of time left still.

- Yes.

- Five weeks from selection Sunday tomorrow.