Colorado snaps 3-game skid against Utah

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Colorado snaps a 3-game skid against Utah 67-55. McKinley Wright IV had a game-high 21-points. The Buffaloes improve to 13-10 overall.

COMMENTATOR 1: You will see him right there. Nice pass, cross-court to Van Dyke.

COMMENTATOR 2: There's another one. Bibbins for three. No. Tip back though, and a beauty by Tillman for the first two. Since '96. So that's something that Tad Boyle wanted to change. Another good look from Rosen. And a kick out outside, and that is good. It's a three by Gabe Bealer.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah, and Rosen there with a hockey pass. Terrific defense by Walt. And You see the first one on this. Really, I thought it was contact. You look at the replay, that was not a foul. Great defense, got [INAUDIBLE].

COMMENTATOR 2: Right in trouble. Three seconds, just has to launch a tough shot. And he got it. Unbelievable.


Rosen had his hands up and had 10 inches on him. And Wright let it fly. That's a seven point Buffalo lead, holding you [INAUDIBLE] of their fewest points and a half all year.

COMMENTATOR 1: Does what he does, got to the lane, then hit that crazy three at the end of the half.

COMMENTATOR 2: Couldn't get it to fall. And now a steal back by Rosen. What a pass and the slam by Johnson.

COMMENTATOR 1: This feel, his instinct, we mentioned it in the first half. And he can't make that pass often, no dribbles. And Siewert now, is he feeling it? Yep, big time.

COMMENTATOR 2: He looks like that and [INAUDIBLE] out there locks in threes in his days in Tucson. Uncharacteristic for sure.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah. Utah right now second in the conference at 10 may the game. And now it's getting contagious for this buff team. You can see it, everybody feeling it for Colorado.

COMMENTATOR 2: Here's Wright, dominated the first half. Right to the rack. An explosion from Wright, who's got 15 points a game high.

COMMENTATOR 1: Well, when you see him in person, I think, Lorenzo Romar--

COMMENTATOR 2: For the Buffaloes get in their outfits. King left wide open for three. And that you can't do.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah. And that's a quick shot, but I like it because you want to attack pressure.



Colorado Buffaloes with a 67-55 win over the Utah Utes. That's stopped a three-game losing streak and it makes them feel pretty good about being back home.