Stanford ends losing skid with 80-71 win over Oregon State

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Stanford avoids losing their 4th straight game, beating Oregon State 80-71

SPORTSCASTER 1: The offensive part, Aaron, is still a work in progress.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Davis base line, then swinging around to Pickens, always a three-point threat.


SPORTSCASTER 1: So, Reid Travis didn't enjoy last year's team, but in reality he was coaching-- Stevie Thompson Jr. misses a mid-range jumper. He was coaching somebody else's kids for the most part last year. This year, he's got his top 15 recruiting class on display and finally healthy.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Travis having himself a night. 7 of the first 10 points from Stanford.

SPORTSCASTER 1: And they're in their two three zone. It's a matchup zone, meaning they'll switch a lot of ball screens, they will follow cutters deep before they hand them off.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Isaac White on the floor, out of position. Reid Travis with the money. 13 points for Travis.

SPORTSCASTER 1: You have to mark where Reid Travis is and make him a perimeter jump shooter and right now he is just a wrecking ball underneath the basket.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Daejon Davis packs a 3, belly flops on it. Back to Davis! [INAUDIBLE]


SPORTSCASTER 1: Even the 50-50 balls are going the way of the Cardinal and head coach, Wayne Tinkle has seen enough.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Tinkle, the only player in the conference who scored double figures every game gets his first bucket tonight. At the halfway point here in the first half for Maples. Kone taking on Sharma, not a good decision. Travis in transition. First time we've seen him on the floor in a while.

SPORTSCASTER 1: He took his time right there. You see that? Two or three Beaver defenders to leave Oscar Da Silva open. Sometimes you're going to have to make-- [INAUDIBLE]


Only three shots a piece his last two times down. Now one of those he fouled out. Travis hunts another. Wow! 21 points in the first half for Reid Travis and his second three goal.

Pickens guarding Tinkle. Tinkle, off the glass. Davis, the paint gives it up. Pickens hunts the three. Bites it.

SPORTSCASTER 1: The ball continues to hop from side to side. Arizona State went undefeated in the [INAUDIBLE] conference. 12 and 0, they rose to the third-ranked team in the country. Was a beautiful backdoor played, gets Tres Tinkle an easy dunk.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Pickens now six points shy of 1,000 for his career. Two strong and that three.

SPORTSCASTER 1: You think he knows?


Is he aware of that 1,000 point mark?

SPORTSCASTER 2: Alley-oop broke it away by Da Silva but it stays with the Beavers.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Tinkle with the finish. And a very close steal. They're going to get Daejon Davis a foul.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Eubanks, the spin. Going up on Humphrey, right hand, counted!

Beavs have been able to shave this to single digits. Getting as close to six. Reid Travis. Oh, what a block by Eubanks! And it's pinned.

SPORTSCASTER 1: And the wedgie. Love the wedgies.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Give credit to the Beavers for a relatively strong second half, certainly compared to the first, but the Beavers dropped up to 11 and 10 of the season. And the Cardinals get over 500, 12 and 11, and now 6 and 4 in conference play. And Jerod Haase, the Cardinal, snaps their three-game losing streak.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Poor Oregon State. It's hard to win on the road, they know. They've lost 18 consecutive true road games but you can not spot a team like Stanford 17 points in the early going and expect to be in this game.