Northwestern overwhelms Wisconsin 60-52

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Dererk Pardon lead Northwestern over Wisconsin 60-52.

JEFF LEVERING: It's a loose bunch in Northwestern today.

ANNOUNCER 1: We won't tell people at home if he was on beat and on rhythm, but he was definitely dancing. He was doing some moving.

JEFF LEVERING: Scottie Lindsey, deep 3 and he knocks that one down. 14 points. About the only thing that hasn't gone right for Northwestern to start.

ANNOUNCER 2: I don't know if I remember a time where they cheered that the other team missed, not that you played good D, but that the other team missed.

JEFF LEVERING: So you get a miss, and you get a make on the other end, and here comes the crowd.

ANNOUNCER 2: Now they're happy. Now they're happy.

JEFF LEVERING: Who's been playing great over his last four games, averaging 13 points. There he his underneath. A great feed from Happ and a chance for a 3-point play. You see the vision from Happ and the finish by Iverson.

Law, nice feed into Pardon. That's a great two man game right there between Vic Law, Dererk Pardon. And this segment was won by Northwestern.

ANNOUNCER 1: Couldn't knock it down.

JEFF LEVERING: Part of McIntosh game that he really thrived on early in his career. Step back 3, Davison rolls in. Just like that, they're within 10.

ANNOUNCER 2: Look at him. Fired up. I love it.

JEFF LEVERING: Methodical offense. Aleem Ford, open look. Got the roll. Aleem Ford's 3 for 3 from distance.

ANNOUNCER 2: And a lot of their success has come, Jeff, from moving the ball. The one-on-one stuff doesn't work for Wisconsin tonight.

JEFF LEVERING: And teardrop by McIntosh, no. The follow is good by Pardon.

ANNOUNCER 1: So good, offensive rebounding-wise. It's just--

JEFF LEVERING: 10 to shoot for the Badgers. Inside, Happ. Pardon couldn't get there. And finally, Ethan Happ finds the bottom, now 4 for 11 from the floor.

Are on the floor right now, Ford, Iverson, Happ, and Davison. Nobody else has scored. Tough shot that time by Law, And Pardon again on the offensive glass.

ANNOUNCER 2: You have to put a body on him.

JEFF LEVERING: Wisconsin, last ditch effort, down by 8 points. Davison will let it fly at the horn, short. And this game is over.

Northwestern comes into the Kohl Center and wins 60 to 52. And it's the first time since 2009 that the Badgers have lost four consecutive conference games. And back in '09, they had lost six in a row.

Once again, our final score, Northwestern 60-52. For Donny Marshall and our entire crew, Jeff Levering. Send it back to Rob Stone in LA.