Wisconsin coach Greg Gard joins Cooper Manning to talk younger brothers and Cheeseheads

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Greg Gard sits down with Cooper Manning ahead of Wisconsin's match up with Northwestern.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - All right, I'm here with my old friend Greg Gard, third year coach of Wisconsin. And Coach, you have brothers.

- I do. Two younger ones.

- Total disappointments like mine?

- My youngest brother is also a basketball coach, college basketball coach at--


- --UW Platteville, a Division III school.

- Yeah?


- That's where you went to school, isn't it?

- Exactly, yeah. You did your research.

- About time.

- My middle brother is not a coach. He works in another industry. And they refer to him as Cooper.

- Cut! Coach, that's great. Thank you. All right, I'm coming at you now.

Coach, I was doing a little research last night, as you mentioned. And a badger-- I was kind of looking, what-- I didn't even know a badger looked like. But you know, this probably is not ideal for a basketball team. But a badger is short, wide-bodied, with short legs for digging. Is that-- how does that match up as far as your team goes?

- It doesn't describe any of my guys, I don't think.

- You kind of-- no, [INAUDIBLE]. Moving on. Do people at games wear this, wear these?

- No, this comes out more in Packer games.

- OK.

- I know you don't know as much about the NFL as your brothers. But this comes out in Packer games more so than Badger games.

- And what do they do with it? I've never seen that.

- They put on their head. You know, like you--

- May I?

- Yeah.

- Oh.

GREG GARD: There you go.

- Yeah.


GREG GARD: Perfect.

- So if I walk into a Badger game?

- You're in. You're in.

- I'm in.

- You're in right now.

- I'm OK?

- You'd get front row seats with that on.


- Yeah.

- This fits like a glove. I appreciate you having me.

- Hey, you bet. Thanks for having me on. Good seeing you.

- Any time. We'll do it again.

- All right.