No. 1 VIllanova knocks down 19 three-pointers to tie program record in win over Creighton

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Villanova hit 19 3-pointers, tying a program record, in their 98-78 win over Creighton.

SPEAKER 1: Up the middle.

SPEAKER 2: Paschall. And Villanova is getting it going from outside.

SPEAKER 1: Jay is really after them for their defense. He feels that they've just slackened off a little bit. Look at this mismatch at center. What team does that? Are they not afraid? But they communicate beautifully, exchange bodies. Love that trap. They can read it.

SPEAKER 2: Alexander. That's a triple for the freshmen out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He's really struggled lately. Got him right out of Kansas's backyard. Grew up about 10 minutes from K.U. Had an offer from Kansas, but decided to go to Creighton.

SPEAKER 1: He's gonna get better and better, I think. Really good offensive instincts.

SPEAKER 2: Foster. Boy, just wills his way to the rim and nobody stops it. Largest lead of the game for the number one team in the country for the fourth consecutive week. Seventh time out of the last eight weeks. DiVincenzo reads the pass. And despite the hustle from two Creighton players, he rolls it in.

SPEAKER 1: You know, this kid really understands. I mean, the anticipation to jump the passing lane. And the ability at the rim with two guys hanging.

SPEAKER 2: Brunson given room!

SPEAKER 1: And a 3 and then one. For four.

SPEAKER 2: Villanova has opened it up. And a chance for four for Jalen Brunson. Ballock pushes, finds Mintz in the corner. Hegnar for 3! Back to back triples for Creighton. And they're right back in it at a dozen.

SPEAKER 1: Jay is really flipping on the sideline.

SPEAKER 2: Brunson given room to step the rock with a 3.

SPEAKER 1: This kid is an amazing silencer. Nice run again. How about that?

SPEAKER 2: Epperson throws it down!

SPEAKER 1: Well, they're getting those puppies up and down, the big guy.

SPEAKER 2: Off of the design on the inbound play, that's Bridges for 3! And he's got 15.

SPEAKER 1: He could make it. Short.

SPEAKER 2: DiVincenzo. Great length to get an offensive rebound. Now Spellman will try it.

SPEAKER 1: You need those possessions though.

SPEAKER 2: Paschall shaking to get loose. Gillespie's open, had to wait for the pass, so he drives. And now pulls it back out, inside 10 to shoot. Five to shoot. DiVincenzo! That's another 3!

SPEAKER 1: He's got the stroke going, doesn't he? So in eight months he'll put 40 on is what you're saying.

SPEAKER 2: Yeah, he may want to slow his rate. That could get out of control. And Villanova has 19 3's to match the program record. And for the first time in program history, Villanova is 21-1 with a 98-78 win over Creighton.

SPEAKER 1: Impressive.

REPORTER: Your team played solid basketball. He's been complaining about defense. How do you think you played defense today?

JALEN BRUNSON: I think we're getting better. I think we're definitely a work in progress. But that's how we want it to be. We want to try to keep getting better every time we step on the court.

REPORTER: How did you think you played defense?

JAY WRIGHT: We're getting there. I thought Omari Spellman and Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree, our freshmen. Colin Gillespie gave us really good minutes. They're all our freshmen so-- that's a great offensive team. Doug-- Greg runs great stuff. I always tell him, watching their tape I get caught up watching the good offense so much, I forget that I have to play them.

REPORTER: You're a puzzle to guard though. I've mean, there's so many options you have. And you give them this freedom. I mean, it just builds confidence. It starts with Jalen in that he knows he has freedom. But he'll make the right plays. And then the rest of the players do it too. When your best player does that, then everybody does it.