Butler blows out Marquette 92-72

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Butler shot a scorching 60% for the game in their 92-72 blowout of Marquette.

- Not the way you want to start if you're Marquette coming off a tough loss against Villanova. Markus Howard fires from three and he knocks down his first shot.

- Well that's-- well, Butler likes to play a lot of three guard match-ups. And if Hauser's on the floor, he's gonna get matched up against a guard typically.

- With two on the shot clock, Kamar Baldwin with the off hand. He's got four in a row. Great match0up here-- Hauser on Kelan Martin. Leo John helps out.

Now the three wide open is drilled by Sean McDermott, the sophomores. He's got physicality-- Rousy around the corner. Jorgensen right behind him. Inside, John finds the open man. Howard buries the corner three.

- You know how hard that is, Jeff? He was really the go-to guy for them here while he was in the game.

- 0 for 4 from the floor as Baldwin's got to go with a right hand. Tough shot with only one on the shot clock. Baddley working on Adam. Thompson quick to pass off.

Eight to shoot. Going around the screen, Jorgensen. Two to shoot. McDermott-- got the roll.

My goodness, Sean McDermott with a three at the horn. St. Vincent, St. Mary, help with a left hand. And a bit too strong-- nice job by Fowler, the junior, on defense.

Kelan Martin stops and pops. Another three for Kelan. With the rebound-- big possession this time for Marquette. Howard-- and the loose ball ends up in Wideman's hands. That's his sixth. Baldwin with the alleyoop to Kelan Martin running the floor.

- That's the second time tonight Tyler Wyman has done an outstanding job.

- I think for Wojo's club, it's about winning segments, those four minute segments that you got to try and win, cut into this deficit. There's Thompson from three again, and his knuckleball finds the bottom.

- Uh oh, he got that jumper to go. And now--

- On his way towards a double double.

- Yeah, he's doing what they expect him to do, be a beast on the glass.

- And then he drives. You don't see this kind of offense out of Tyler Wideman.

- Trying to solidify themselves not only in the conference race but for NCAA tournament.

- Leo John was isolated there with Fowler. Kelan Martin on the other end knocks down another triple. And Kelan Martin has 11.

- Boy, tremendous upside for these young guys.

- Only one senior on the roster. That's Rousey as Thompson underneath got fouled. And he'll get a chance for a three point play. And the great game continues for the Butler Bulldogs.

- And one of them has the ball right now.

- Kelan Martin on that list as he goes to the rack. Chance for a three point play-- Kelan Martin has 15 points. Marquette, tough one tonight as Butler comes into the Bradley Center and hangs one on the Golden Eagles 92 to 72. You takes some really good things away from the Bulldogs tonight, Stephen.

- I mean, if this kind of defensive effort, if it could be replicated down the stretch, Butler will be a tough, tough opponent.

- Final score tonight, 92-72. For our entire crew and for Stephen Bardo, Jeff Levering saying good night from Marquette.