Seton Hall shuts down Providence 73-57

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Angel Delgado's double-double helps Seton Hall defeat Providence 73-57

- Desi directing traffic tells Myles Cale, go through.

- And that's what you wanna do with Delgado down low is clump him.

- And then you want Desi Rodriguez to make the three.

- Well, that's what you-- I mean, it's weird because Seton Hall is one of the few teams that use their post players as their main offensive sets.

- Also in for the first time is Malik White. Shot clock down to four. Here's Bullock.

Bullock gets it and the foul. And this foul is going to be called against the man they call Manu. Dangerous pass, Powell able to get it and throw it down. A fortuitous bounce there for Seton Hall, and Powell able to show off the hops.

Kyrie Cartwright just trying to do something, trying to do too much. You could see the frustration mounting. Rodriguez gets bumped and the foul.

A 19-nothing run opened up this game for Seton Hall. Powell, the deep three, long rebound out to Carrington. Sanogo got it, and the foul.

- And it's the decision making. That time, the pass was there if you throw it up at the rim. That time, it kind of bee-lined it, right? That was an easy steal for Seton Hall.

- Carrington to the hoop with the right hand, puts it in.

- Picking. Oh!

- Regis, the alleyoop off the in bounce.

- Just from the top, huh, OK. I got it. The game on the defensive end-- it hasn't happened. And sometimes that's the case when you play this game long enough.

- A broken play leads to an open shot from Powell and he knocks it down. It's that kind of a night for the Hall. Delgado rolling to the hoop.

At this point, leading by 17, Seton Hall is happy to take time off the clock. Rodriguez for three-- got it. Make that a 20 point lead which matches their game high.

73-57-- this time it's Kevin Willard who gets the upper hand in this match-up with his friends. That 19-nothing run in the first half proved to be too much for the Friars to overcome on this night here in Newark. The final score-- 73-57, Seton Hall.