No. 3 Purdue downs rival Indiana 74-67 for 17th consecutive win

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Isaac Haas' 26 points lead Purdue to a 74-67 victory over rival Indiana.

TIM BRANDO: Hoosiers delivering an early punch in this heavyweight battle. Morgan again!

JIM JACKSON: If you're on the ball, you gotta pressure the passer to make that pass inside extremely difficult.

TIM BRANDO: Well, they don't wait to get it, do they? Right away, great pass-- Edwards. Mathias threading the needle. 6-0 run for Purdue.

Quick pick and roll. Wide open, Johnson. Here we go. Bloomington is blooming.

A smart move to wait for that--

JIM JACKSON: How about the touch?

TIM BRANDO: --hesitation in the double-team.

JIM JACKSON: But how about the touch?


I mean, he had to have picked up quite a bit--

JIM JACKSON: Well, he did.

TIM BRANDO: --being around that kid a year ago.

JIM JACKSON: You know, he did. But give the coaching staff, a lot of credit for working on taking the power away a lot of times and allowing him to use his soft hands to be able to create shots like that.

TIM BRANDO: Oh, Johnson again! 37-35.

JIM JACKSON: Great rotation.

TIM BRANDO: Beautiful pass. That's a Sunday best dish. Indiana wants me, and I can't wait to be back here.

There's a steal. Carsen Edwards.

JIM JACKSON: Oh my goodness!

TIM BRANDO: Oh, hammer time! Bring it down! The big, bad, burly Boilers take the lead by 4.


TIM BRANDO: 46-44, Purdue. Too big an avenue, and right down Broadway came Robert Johnson. We're tied at 46. He's got 17.

--Purdue-type guys, and they are reaping the benefit of that kind of mentality. Mathias-- oh, the iron kind, the nylon song. And it's 56-53.

JIM JACKSON: --give Purdue their first loss, knowing they meet up February 10, in East Lansing.

TIM BRANDO: McRoberts turned down the shot. Robert Johnson's gotta make it happen up against the clock. Count it. We're tied at 59.

JIM JACKSON: And as you creep under three minutes, the pressure shifts to Purdue, the higher-ranked team. No pressure on Indiana. They were, in a lot of people's minds, supposed to lose the game. So--

TIM BRANDO: Mathias. Haas with a quick answer.

JIM JACKSON: And, you know, right there is just-- you say--

TIM BRANDO: Hoosiers really need a stop here. Morgan playing with four. Remember that. Gotta be careful. And taking advantage of that, Haas.

JIM JACKSON: But how about the recognition by Purdue?

TIM BRANDO: Longest streak in school history now. 74-67. And Jimmy, just another great pleasure, a true privilege to be with you today.

JIM JACKSON: Big Ten basketball it what it's all about. Congrats to Purdue. But the Indiana Hoosiers have nothing to hang their head about.


- You see all kinds of defenses every single game. How did you adjust to what Indiana was doing to you here tonight?

- Well, you know, at the beginning, they kind of left me one-on-one. And they eventually started doubling on the catch. And which way, you know, I just found Vince a couple times, found Dakota, found PJ. You know, they have to pick their poison, because when they left me one-on-one, it was pretty much a bucket.

In the second half, you just adjust as you go. And I think we did a great job and just, you know, came into one of the toughest places to play in America-- yet can't deny it-- and got the win.

LISA BYINGTON: 17 straight wins now. That's a school record at Purdue. What has it taken during this stretch for you guys to pull it out?

- I'm sorry. Say that again.

LISA BYINGTON: What has it taken during this stretch for you guys to pull it out? 17 straight, which is a school record.

- It's taken a lot of maturity and a lot of focus. You know, these guys come in every single day, and we don't think about what we've won already. We think about the next game. And we don't let ourselves get down. We don't become comfortable with winning. We don't get bored with it. So we just kind of move on with it. And we understand that each game is the biggest game of the year. Because if you lose at any point, it's a disappointment to yourself and to everybody else in the community. So I think everybody just has a really good focus and maturity on our team. And can't be more proud of our guys.

LISA BYINGTON: Thank you for the time.

- Yeah, no problem.

LISA BYINGTON: I was on my tippy toes, Tim. Where's my riser? Come on.