No. 11 Arizona escapes upset bid from Utah to remain undefeated at home

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Arizona remains undefeated at home after 74-73 win over Utah

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Trier. Backs it up. Wants to shake. Ayton, a 3. Bang. And we just looked at each other, folks. This kid is 7 feet tall.

Played with Jerome Lane, Demetreus Gore at Pitt. Another jump shot is pure for Brandon Randolph. 5 points quickly off the bench.

Baseline, Barefield. Pure. I like this kid's confidence--


ANNOUNCER 1: And I like his motor.

Arizona throws a basketball away, their third turnover. Barefield stripped. Jackson-Cartwright-- numbers. Jackson-Cartwright to the cup. Little big man doing them. He's got 7. He's got feline quickness.

Heck of a pass by Rawson.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ball's on the strong side, your big has to be in the middle of the pen, ready to help.

ANNOUNCER 1: Barefield, the floater inside, and, just like that, Utah has clawed their way back into this game.

They can get closer. Bibbins, hard move to the bucket. Rejected by Randolph. Picked up. Here's Trier, Arizona. Cartwright-- Jackson-Cartwright-- and hits. 10 points for Jackson-Cartwright.

Rawson baseline. Collette shows it, tried to shovel it. Trier takes it away, on the move to the hole, off the window, softly and in.

Barefield exploding. Gets there, lefty, off the window, softly and in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Even when they don't get hit, they play so rough that it looks like they're getting fouled, even when they're not.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ayton. Baseline. He has it all. They can't get him the ball down low. So he's stepping out, knocking down jump shots.

ANNOUNCER 2: It doesn't matter.

ANNOUNCER 1: They kick it out, Tillman. My goodness. Dr. Detroit.

ANNOUNCER 2: Told you they like him.

ANNOUNCER 1: 58-49. Tillman, again, working the baseline, wraps it around for Johnson. Extra move, rejected, Ayton-- not in my house.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, sometimes when it says road closed, you've got to go the other way. You can't keep trying to drive down that road.

ANNOUNCER 1: Second blocked shot for Ayton.

Ayton, baseline, facing. Again. This kid is unbelievable.

Head up, Tillman on his right side.

ANNOUNCER 2: Got numbers. Ah, he had numbers, Gus.

Rawson, secondary break, knocks down a J.

ANNOUNCER 2: I guess that's what's you call it.

ANNOUNCER 1: 7-0 run for the Utes.

65-61, Barefield. He's been the straw that stirred the drink for the Utes with 22 points. Van Dyke, money. Uh-oh, 10-0 run.

And the chant, U of A, cascading. Ristic up top. Bang!

Collette shovels it back. And Bibbins hits the 3 with 4.3 to go. 1-point game. An offensive foul? Unbelievable. And Trier's fouled out. Utah will get it back with 4.3 to go.

ANNOUNCER 2: Trier trying to get open. Bibbins just bodying him up. You can't shove a guy. Official right on top of it, but, before that, the scramble for Utah.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rawson, inside. Tillman up, no. Rebound in Arizona with 3/10 of a second to go.

- Well coach, another home game, another home win, but, this one, it wasn't easy towards the end. You fall behind, with under three minutes to play, what was said to the guys, and how did you like the response?

- You know, this game is very similar to the one we played Colorado on Thursday, where we had a lead and, to Colorado's credit, they played excellent basketball, made a run. Utah did the same. And you know, two really good coaches, good programs, and good players.

And they cut us up. Defensively, we struggled. And that's something we have to get better at. But you know, the will of our team, the confidence down the stretch, and, you know, Dusan three for three from three-- I'd like to take credit for that. But if he would have missed that last shot, me and him would have had a long talk. But he made it, and, you know, good things happen to great kids who work hard. And check the box the box there for Dusan.