Donny Marshall goes 1-on-1 with Arizona Basketball coach Sean Miller

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Donny Marshall goes 1-on-1 with Arizona Basketball coach Sean Miller.

DONNY MARSHALL: - You had a hiccup in the Bahamas, well-documented. But it's interesting, since then, you guys are 14 and 1. How have you gotten the guys to respond the way they have?

- For us, it was to not lose sight that we can still be good, not lose our entire focus and confidence. When you're ranked as high as we were, and you go zero and three, they're aren't going to be a lot of people on your side. And for a long time, that was very healthy for us. Because instead of being lauded with praise, we just kind of went away. And we were that team of the unknown. And I think that where we are today as a team is a far better place than where we were then.

- You always want your team to play for you, as the coach. You know. And our guys, they really struggle playing for me, they really do. I have a hard time reaching our guys.

DONNY MARSHALL: You said, after the Colorado loss, that you were having trouble reaching your guys. And since then they've pretty much clicked and they've turned it around. At least from the outside looking in, what has changed?

SEAN MILLER: I don't think that our players, at that point, clearly understood how difficult it is to win. Every game that you go on the road, that you're going to get that other team's best shot, you're going to get a big crowd. The one thing that we've learned, if you stop the game at three minutes left, you really couldn't tell who was going to win. To our credit, we made big plays and we finished. But there isn't that big a separation in college basketball now than there used to be. And the difference isn't quite as great as everybody thinks.

ANNOUNCER: Look out below! Oh my goodness.

DONNY MARSHALL: Ayton everyone's talking about him.

SEAN MILLER: You know, the thing that DeAndre has that separates him from so many players, Donny is his mind. He really is somebody who wants to be great. He's somebody that's coachable. When you're coaching him, you're going to get his best shot.

DONNY MARSHALL: I would like you to finish this question for me. Arizona will win a national title this year if:

- Our defense develops. We're not good enough on offense, numbers don't lie. We have 20 games to show. We've had our good moments, I do think that we're on the right track. All of us have to work to continue to develop on that side.