The Butler Bulldogs deliver Chris Mullin and the St. John’s Red Storm their 10th straight loss

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Led by Kelan Martin's 19 points, the Butler Bulldogs deliver Chris Mullin and the St. John's Red Storm their 10th straight loss, 70-45.

ANNOUNCER 1: --that in the videotape.

ANNOUNCER 2: [INAUDIBLE] the highlights afterwards, right?

ANNOUNCER 1: Baldwin trying his hand at at a triple. And Butler off to an 11 to 2 start.

Fowler rebounds. Martin in transition. Six assists on six--


Lets one rip early.

Martin into the paint. Back out to Baldwin. Drops for Baddley.

ANNOUNCER 2: What a play from Kamar Baldwin. Under control--

ANNOUNCER 1: It's Baddley. Alibegovic in transition knocks down the triple. Boy, big basket.

Butler has made just one of its last 12. And right on cue, Kelan Martin.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's a tough shot.

--in a primary break situation, meaning a 3 on 2 or a 4 on 2.

ANNOUNCER 1: Baldwin for three. He's got eight.

As you said, Nick, St. John's need some stops on this end of the floor. Martin, long three. Tough to stop that.

ANNOUNCER 2: Really good action from LaVall Jordan.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ahmed, three-pointer-- hits. First basket.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good play from Shamorie Ponds.

ANNOUNCER 1: St. John's still trying to get the offense going. And Tariq Owens had a couple of baskets in the first half. Knocks down one here.

Butler doing a nice job defending the rim. Martin for three. Martin's got 16.

The lob for Tariq Owens. That's one of the few highlights from St. John's today.

ANNOUNCER 2: Better kind of pace to that possession, too. Ball popped around, a lot of purpose. Hard cut, hard roll to the rim.

Just the complexion of the game has been more like what St. John's wants it the last couple minutes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Henry Baddley knocks down the three-pointer.

Chris Mullin's not going to stop working the officials. LaVall Jordan has got to defend his club as well.

ANNOUNCER 2: St. John's is gonna play with an air of desperation, too, as you see Clark with a pretty athletic tip-in.

ANNOUNCER 1: And unless something miraculous happens for St. John's they're gonna fall to 0 and 10 in the Big East. Fowler now has five.

Kelan Martin led the way with 19, and the Dogs dominated 70 to 45.