No. 6 Michigan St. defeats Wisconsin

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No. 6 Michigan St. defeats Wisconsin 76-61. The Spartans improve to 19-3 on the season. Miles Bridges led the way with 24 points.

ANNOUNCER 1: --not only score but make the plays for his teammates. So it's been an adjustment all the way around. Bridges again.

PA: Miles Bridges.

ANNOUNCER 1: Right over Pritzl.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, I tell you what. Looks pretty good on that jump shot.

But it looks as though, as a team-- you see a shot coming from the wing-- that they're bowed in and they're focused. So whatever Coach Izzo said to them that turned around.

ANNOUNCER 1: Davison took one from Ward, hit the deck, and then Ward goes back up again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Look at the ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wow. Just wow. That's all you can say to that.

ANNOUNCER 2: --ease. He's comfortable where he's at. He's not over-thinking the situation. If we can have the outstanding athletic ability.

ANNOUNCER 1: --up the floor. How about that one? How about that one? Winston with a beautiful find. An interior Sunday best dish.

ANNOUNCER 2: Engaged early in a game. He's already two points above his average. Count it. And a foul on Schilling. So Happ goes reversal. Tum Tum is back in and he feeds Winston. And that is the beat of your own Tum Tum dish.

ANNOUNCER 1: 3-point shots. They're 0 for 7 in this half here. There's another 3 for Winston. Right over Davison. I'd like to follow your lead. I would.

ANNOUNCER 2: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

ANNOUNCER 1: There's Happ going with the left hand. Boy, that's a thing of beauty right there. Happ on the other end spinning, and whirling, and scoring. Nice job, Khalil Iverson.

ANNOUNCER 2: --drive penetration breaks down the defense. Now you got the help. You're out of position. You can't put a body on Jackson. There's Langford, but that's Jackson again.