DePaul snaps losing streak with dramatic win over Georgetown

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Eli Cain poured in 27 points off the bench as DePaul ends their 3 game losing streak with a dramatic 74-73 win over Georgetown.

- --on that possession. A steal buy Mulmore. Johnson quickly to the basket. First field goal for the Hoyas. And it's now one-point game.

Govan quick on the turnaround. Tapped up. And Strus lost it. Govan recovers. Here's Pickett with a strong move. And he gets at DePaul.

- Nice job by Pickett. Being strong with the ball.

- Govan and Johnson trying to play the same game for Georgetown. Pickett from three. Johnson flying in. But had it striped by Roberts. Roberts finding Reed down low.

- Nice job by Roberts, pushing the pace and-- Trey Dickerson in the game.

- He had missed a game with a concussion. Graduate transfer. And the hand off missed, and steal for Mosely. And Mosely, the easy two, and he's fouled.

- That was just a nice read by Mosley.

- Hoyas continue to struggle from three-point range. One for eight. Cain on the pull-up. And Reed with the foul.

- Georgetown is not organized on defense.

- --by the Blue Demons.

- This dribble drive offense by DePaul has been really effective. Govan with the block. He's third in the big East in that category. And the nice feed for Blair. But at the other end, Cyrus with a rejection of his own. Here's Reed who's been effective off the bench, so far. Cain over Derrickson, third three-pointer of this first half for Eli Cain.

- --Reggie Miller or Chris Mullen. Always on the move.

- Comes up short on the three. And Pickett, although he lost his man, pulls down the rebound. Govan, the turnaround. And Derrickson tips it out. But nobody there. And it's a peasey one for Strus, who leaves nothing to chance.

- No court balance for Georgetown--

- Largest lead of the game for DePaul was 12 in the first half. It's at nine right now after leading by just four at the break. And here's Cain with the rebound. And that went a little behind Maric. And Derrickson, slow getting back. For Johnson, nicely done by Caleb Johnson.

- Boy, that was a big time athletic move by Johnson, who--

- Derrickson, double-teamed in the post.

- Now he picks up his dribble. And having trouble, finally finds Walker. Walker lost it. Still loose, finally corralled by Cyrus.

- That was a nice job with the double-team in a scrambling rotation. As Cain continues to create havoc. That time, quick first step--

- Quick pass for Pickett in the corner. And Pickett knocks down the three-pointer. And Dave Leitao calls for time.

- And that's that pace we're talking about. When Mosely gets the rebound on the outlet, he's looking to push--

- A 13-0 run for Georgetown.

- They make an adjustment defensively and put Reed on Mosely now.

- Derrickson for three. And the Hoyas are back in front by two.

- They stopped the momentum of the Hoyas.

- He now has 20. Derrickson thought about the three. And Derrickson uses the glass. And the Hoyas go back up by two.

Strus from three. Short. Tipped up and in by McCallum. Patrick Ewing talked about the emphasis on rebounding--

- --and if that doesn't work, go to Govan.

- Also a rebounder in case this would miss.

The screen by Govan, out for Derrickson, who hits from three.

- I like this. Hold it for one. Control your own destiny.

- DePaul down by one. Inside 10. Cain on the fadeaway, hits again.

- Still time now. No timeouts left. Big time shot by Cain. Let's see if Mosely can create something off the bounce. More than enough time to make a play.

- Mosely for the win, in and out. And the rebound by Maric. And three-game skid is over for DePaul. Which barely escapes with a one-point victory. 74-73.

- We talked about you Eli Cain and how important it was for him to be aggressive. He's certainly got the message. A big time game by the junior--