Trae Young drops career-high 48 points but No. 4 Oklahoma falls to Oklahoma State in OT

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Trae Young scored 48 of Oklahoma's 81 points in their 83-81 Overtime loss to Oklahoma State.

ANNOUNCER: 1.5 at the half. Smith--


--got it!

ANNOUNCER: Oh, ho, ho!


ANNOUNCER: It's an 11-point second half for Oklahoma State after 42 in the first. Trae Young for the lead. Bang. Little shimmy there from Trae Young.

On Averette. Young for 3. Knocking on the door of 40, Trae Young. And it's stripped away. Solomon goes to the deck. Young's with him. Shine, the stuff!


ANNOUNCER: You got to get it in first though. Here comes Smith and Oklahoma State. Down 3. For the tie. Smith got it. Six seconds. Trae Young. Two seconds. For the win. No, we're going into overtime.

And here comes Trae Young, down by 2.

ANNOUNCER: Good hands.

ANNOUNCER: Shine, the takeaway. On the hit, ahead for the transfer, Smith who sent us to overtime. Young with 2. Trae Young with a shot. No. Oklahoma State rushes the floor.