The Butler Bulldogs defeat the DePaul Blue Demons for the 8th straight time, 79-67

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Led by Kelan Martin who scored 24 points, the Butler Bulldogs defeat the DePaul Blue Demons for the 8th straight time, 79-67.

- That basket will help him throughout this game.

- His scoring down from last year when he averaged 16 a contest. Jorgensen finds his first.

- Good ball screen action and Jorgensen.

- Both losses Providence and Marquette. Cain again with the left hand.

- Again, I think you've got the jeaopardy defensively.

- Hanel one of those walk ons we just referenced. Martin hunts his second three, and he finds it.

- Here's a guy that's fifth overall on... Again when you're DePaul, if you get into the situation where one guy is over dribbling the ball, Butler loads up defensively. - There's the first for Kamar Baldwin. Dave Lieto taking... Since his sophmore year, Cain into the corner, the pass to Reed, tipped up and in. Just like they drew it up.

- Postion, Aaron a post guy kept him from scoring, and a shot contest on a perimeter guy.

- Martin pulls up, and it's able to roll through.

- You have to have unbelievable touch and skill to be able to make a shot. The way the flow of the game is going on right now, I don't have a problem with him doing a heat check.

- Grandstaff's first shot goes through. Short corner, Nate Fowler back to Fowler from Thompson.

- Good job by Butler identifying...

- Baldwin splits a couple of defenders. Kelan Martin finds another, that's his fourth from behind the arc.

- And that's where Kamar Baldwin has gotten better

- Strus, after the one hand pass

- Hashtag special delivery, baseline! The defense, high energy, switching, trapping almost like the press Virginia does.

- Baldwin, from about the elbow, gets a friendly bounce. Now 6 to shoot, Baldwin, tough runner, the floater goes right through.

- Baldwin, having an ability to score.

- Thompson, able to get it away from Strus. Jorgensen tees it up in the corner.

- And that shot right there.

- McCallum spinning, pulled down, foul. Paul Reed having himself a good couple of possessions. Sloopy Demons will drop to one in six in Big East play. Three from straight away, and its knocked in. Timeout called. Cyrus, his first three pointer today. Bulldogs 4 and 4 in conference play. Meanwhile, DePaul drops to one of six. They've lost 3 in a row.