Happ’s double-double leads Wisconsin past Illinois 75-50

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Ethan Happ's 16 points and 10 rebounds lead Wisconsin to a 75-50 win over Illinois.

-You know you don't have to look to the bench and wonder if someone is comin'. He's gotta let those shots fly which he was a little reluctant to do early in the season.

- Finke with a great feed from Trent Frazier. Illinois back out in front. Jordan, who's been a bright spot off the bench for Illinois, got up in the air. And Iverson finishes and a chance at a 3 point play. You better believe Brad Underwood, that was the first thing he talked about in their film session. Happ good move on the right hand.

- Ooh, that was really nice.

- Alstork one out of two. But you've got a guy as Brevin Pritzl slams it home. Brevin with the hops. Have beautiful pass, Iverson wow!

- Woohoohoohoo!

- Double comes someone's open. Swing it around. There's Pritzl, got it to go and a chance for 3.

- Showin' some resiliency her are the Badgers. They just keep knockin' away on the offensive end

- Iverson that's a strong move.

- And I think that as the roster turns over more in that favor, you'll start to see the Illini and their players really excel in this system. But it's going to take time.

- Gotta go for Pritzl, at the horn, banked it in. A back breaker for Illinois. Go inside, one to shoot, Happ with the left hand, beat the shot clock again. That's at least the sixth time. Golden number for Illinois by the way 75. When the other team doesn't score 75 points they're 10 and 0. Wisconsin got to 75 tonight they end up winning by 25 points.

- Dominant performance by the Badgers, took care of the basketball, shared the rock very well.

-Once again, our final score 75 50, Wisconsin out in front of Illinois. For our entire crew and Stephen Bardo, I'm Jeff Levering. Let's send it out to our FS1 College Hoops Studio. Here's Rob Stone.