Creighton takes down No. 19 Seton Hall to remain undefeated at home

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Creighton's hot shooting from the field leads them to 80-63 win over Seton Hall.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pick and roll-- lobs to the rim. You're already seeing an adjustment. Delgado doing a better job of getting back.

ANNOUNCER 2: Desi Rodriguez likes to go to that left hand. He can't finish. Here comes Mintz looking to push. This is what the Blue Jays do. Mintz all the way to the hoop. The alley-oop. This time, they connect.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's where Creighton going to have their foot on the gas.

ANNOUNCER 2: Trying to post up Foster, but he's at the 3-point line. Step back for 3 Got it again. That's a difficult shot. Wow.

That has not come yet until just then. Harrell on the baseline. Beautiful move.

Little Roger Dorn reference.

ANNOUNCER 1: There you go.

ANNOUNCER 2: A little high-low. There's Delgado underneath, putting it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Certainly do that.

ANNOUNCER 2: Kale for 3. Does not get the roll. The rebound by Thomas. Khyri Thomas all the way to the hoop, and Angel Delgado can't do anything about it.

Ballock pretty spin move off the glass. Puts it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's not just a catch and shoot guy. He's got a little bit of wiggle to his game.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Foster out of control, loses it. Powell back the other way. Walker for 3. Got it. A timeout taken here by Creighton. 37-32. The Pirates have climbed all the way back in this game before the half.

--has really hurt Seton Hall. Myles Powell able to hit a 3 off the inbounds play. Mintz, good pump fake. Pulls up from 15. No. The dunk by Khyri Thomas.

Foster's 3. Got it.

Carrington lost it. Here's Harrell. Three on one. Harrell behind the back. Puts it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at Harrell. Pushing it through this around the back. Showtime for Mr. Harrell.

ANNOUNCER 2: Harrell the kick out. Shot clock at 10. Alexander. Shot clock at 5. Trying to go baseline. Cut off. Foster puts it up with 1 at the shot clock and puts it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Talk about a tough shot maker.

ANNOUNCER 2: Tonight, no comeback for the Pirates. Creighton will take this one by the score of 80-63. And it was all Blue Jays here in the second half.