Marquette downs struggling DePaul 70-52

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DePaul shoots a lowly 29% in their 70-52 loss to DePaul

[CHEERING] JEFF LEBRING: Just under 12 to go as Cain hits the deck. Hauser high degree of difficulty, couldn't hit that one. Froling battling. Offensive rebound, tip out, Hauser. Got it!


Seven to shoot Adam from the free throw line it's the jumper.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: The lane-- the lane just parted.


JEFF LEBRING: Steal by Sam Hauser. There's Howard from the wing. That's his first bucket of the game. Between both teams, Jamal Cain miss 45 seconds ago in his first half. It's been dominated, as Jamal Cain from the corner.

Another turnover up ahead. Jamal Cain!


He got it up so fast. Strus trying to do too much.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: Yeah, They'll shots right there, I would not classify as quality shots. Those are the kind of shots that make you go back to having difficult field goal percentage.

JEFF LEBRING: There's Hauser. Knocks down his first shot of the second half.


Rowsey finds it! That guy can jump out of a phone booth. And this year, just trying to do a little bit too much and asked to do a lot.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: Yeah, and it's understandable. I get it.

JEFF LEBRING: Up ahead, Howard finds Hauser. He is money, [INAUDIBLE]. Opportunity for a win, but DePaul just had their work cut out for 'em with the way that Marquette and Sam Hauser came out of the gates today. You mentioned the -- 21 assists on 24 makes today, Dickey, for Marquette.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: That was just an excellent job sharing--


--the ball, finding guys. DePaul has to regroup, because they have a big game against Butler on Saturday.

JEFF LEBRING: Great game by Marquette today. They end up winning 70 to 52. They improved to 13 and 6. For Dickey Simpkins and our entire crew, I'm Jeff Lebring. Thanks for tuning in. Let's send it to Mike Los Angeles, after this break.