No. 5 Duke rallies late to beat No. 25 Miami 83-75

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Gary Trent Jr's 30 points help Duke avoid the upset by Miami.

DICK VITALE: Clemson, there's been a lot of surprises. They're one of the real surprises of the year. [INAUDIBLE] Oh! I'll tell you, those two guys are sensational.

--rebound in the key. And they're doing a great job getting to the offensive boards.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: For the lead-- it's a 3! For Lonnie Walker IV.

DICK VITALE: They love it, baby-- the 3.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: And Miami does not score.

DICK VITALE: And you get an acrobatic shot. That's ridiculous! Four on one.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: Well, let's see if they can handle three on two. Lawrence for 3!

DICK VITALE: No! He made up for the one down there! They made up for it, Sean McDonough, they made up for it!

Make it a little tougher, now. Their defense-- not getting as easy shots. Here's another example-- deflection, steal.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: Walker-- the pull-up 3! He's been terrific tonight.

DICK VITALE: Streaky shooter. But he's on fire tonight. And that's all Jimmy Larrañaga cares about.

--second and third times as well.


DICK VITALE: Too many layups around the basket. I can't believe all the layups.

Newton and Allen can't make shots. They are really struggling in their shots.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: Foul called. And count the bucket. For Marvin Bagley III.

DICK VITALE: Here come the Dukies, Sean. Here come the Dukies!

SEAN MCDONOUGH: 4-point game. It was just more than five minutes ago that Miami had a 13-point lead.

DICK VITALE: Yeah, in a minute and 25 they've cut it down to 4. It's unbelievable.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: Allen looked like he might have gotten away with a foul as he took away from it Lawrence. And the dunk. That will get him back on track with the field goals. One for eight tonight-- before that dunk. Larrañaga is livid.

--for Duke. Have the rebound. Be

DICK VITALE: You know, you could be a good 3-point shooter like Vasiljevic is, but you have to take good shots. Those are not good shots. They are being challenged.

SEAN MCDONOUGH: That was a wide-open 3 for Duval.

Trent-- using a high-screen by Bagley. What a night! A career- high for Trent. And a 6-point lead.