Abdur-Rahkman’s late free throws lead Michigan to dramatic 68-67 win over Maryland

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Michigan overcomes a 10 point halftime deficit to beat Maryland 68-67 in a tight contest in Ann Arbor.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Matthews on the curl.


ANNOUNCER 1: Dunks it down [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: That's really conditional blueprint. Livers got range, too.

ANNOUNCER 1: Cekovsky, big thump.

ANNOUNCER 2: A little high bounce, but nice attack.

ANNOUNCER 1: 8 to shoot, Cowan. Played to his left hand. Tries to go right. Now reverses forward to shoot. Let's it fly. Oh, and he caked it in straight away.

ANNOUNCER 2: He totally got fouled, too. How about that? You think there was a little divine intervention? A little kiss. They should have got more of that break. A little late cover.

ANNOUNCER 1: There's Robinson. Sets his feet.

ANNOUNCER 2: Can't leave the guy. He is a 9 line separator. Simmons. There's a step and go.

ANNOUNCER 1: Back it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: That might get it going. That's where they're at their best.

ANNOUNCER 1: Simpson in and out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Caught by Wagner. Their through. Big, big, big. And what he did first, though, he begged for another box.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes Huerter. A transition. He throws it away. Simpson. He's got Abdul-Rahkman on the wings. Simpson is up front. Get on. Wow!

ANNOUNCER 2: Knocked out that kid. I thought he went out prematurely.

ANNOUNCER 1: Huerter got nicked at that other end on that run out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, they have really done a good job on Huerter.


ANNOUNCER 2: Pretty look declared.

ANNOUNCER 1: 5-10. Talk about finding people. Last chance-- taken away by Simpson.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here comes Simpson. Poole in the front court. Rise and fly. Woohoo. How about the strength first, Zavier.

ANNOUNCER 1: Michigan with its first lead since the score was 2-0 here. Simpson. The kick, extra pass, Poole, and home.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's gone. Talk about stepping up and being ready to perform.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now he has 9. 6. Back that ball up the street.

ANNOUNCER 2: Look at this.

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at that in and out.

ANNOUNCER 2: You look at the fine.

ANNOUNCER 1: Robinson, bam.

ANNOUNCER 2: Once again it's all about the point guard. Michigan seems to be different guys, different nights. Tonight it seems to be Poole, Livers on occasion. Nice slip and finish. Big fella. And Poole, he not only beats you in 3, but with the ability to put it on the deck.

ANNOUNCER 1: Cowan. Reverse. Oh my goodness.

ANNOUNCER 2: How did he have the strength, the extension, and the massage job on the spin?

ANNOUNCER 1: Huerter, in the corner. Going to get more.

ANNOUNCER 2: A nice little screen to get him going a little bit.

ANNOUNCER 1: 7 points for Huerter. 61-57. Maryland still in this game. You look at this, and you learn from that. The perfect trap.

ANNOUNCER 2: Goodness.

ANNOUNCER 1: Matthews. Baseline. Kick. Extra pass. Abdur-Rahkman, 3. Pit.

ANNOUNCER 2: That gets early! What do you do here? Go quickly.

ANNOUNCER 1: You go right to the rim as soon as you can. Particularly Cowan, his ability. It may end up in a 3, if they do a good job defensively.

ANNOUNCER 2: Cekovsky. Out.

ANNOUNCER 1: Huerter for the win. Oh.


ANNOUNCER 1: With 3.2 to go. Timeout, Wolverines.

ANNOUNCER 2: How big was that? And that's why you play the game to the end. Huerter silenced by excellent defense. And what a screen to get him free. Oh, goodness. This is just terrific. That little bump here is what got him, but look at that technique. Stroke, duck down, big time delivery. And it's all set in that timeout a while ago. And think about it, Michigan called a timeout. It gave them a chance to talk about what they would do, whether it's 2 or 3. And just a road block, and get them organized. A delay in the cover. And boy, that is a big time knock down delivery.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Liver. He's gotta make a good pass here up the sideline.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's got his hands.

ANNOUNCER 1: Abdur-Rahkman. Oh, and he's fouled. Wow. He's tripped and fouled.

ANNOUNCER 2: Interestingly, nobody on the inbounder. Reminiscent of Kentucky with Grant Hill. For the money. There it is. And they do step up. Poole.

ANNOUNCER 1: No timeouts for Maryland.

ANNOUNCER 2: Not giving them any vision.

ANNOUNCER 1: Huerter just throws it up. That's a ballgame. Michigan somehow comes back to win this game. What a second half. The final from Ann Arbor. 68-67. The professor John Beilein drew it up on that inbounds play.

ANNOUNCER 2: How about that play.

BILL: It never gets easier. It's unbelievable.

JOHN BEILEIN: The first half was just-- you know, we had a heck of a win on Saturday as you know, Bill. And I could sense it in the locker room. And give them credit. They're a good team now, Bill. They're a good team. They've lost like really a great player to injury. Mark Turgeon is a heck of a coach, and they got a really good team. So I can't say we weren't ready to play. I just say they just took it to us. And I had to come back in the second half and get out, you know get right back in and give it right back to them. I thought we were in trouble.

BILL: The first thing you said when you came over to me, how about Huerter getting free like that?

JOHN BEILEIN: Oh, man, yeah.

BILL: But then you responded with a great play. Take us through that play at the end of the game.

JOHN BEILEIN: It's a play that we run very, very rarely, because you've got to be in that situation late to run it. But we do practice it a couple of times a week. We usually mess it up. You've got to have a great pass. Bill, I don't have any baseball players on this team, but I have Isaiah Livers, he's a baseball player. So he threw a perfect pass. The pass is as important as anything else.

BILL: Wait till you see it. He never moved his feet. Most guys would have to step forward. It was incredible.

JOHN BEILEIN: He just did a great job, and he threw it just like he's turning over a double play or throwing-- probably better at throwing somebody out at the plate from right field. He is a perfect pass. And then Muhammad. I said, Muhammad, 3 seconds, man. You've got 2 dribbles. Take it at the basket.

BILL: Did you want him to have the ball, Rahkman?

JOHN BEILEIN: Yeah, we wanted Rahkman to have the ball. And then the second part is JP was in there at the back side of it. Put Jordan Poole going coast to coast, as well.

BILL: Defensively you've gotten a lot better, but it's still the offense that overwhelms people.

JOHN BEILEIN: Well it wasn't very good in the first half, but you know Mark did a great thing. They walked it up, and they pressed us and slowed it down. I mean we had 14 points for a long time. Wasn't much of an offense then. But Mark played the pace that he wanted to play on the road, it's a great idea. We're just fortunate that that guy number 2 came off the bench and got us back in the game.

BILL: I'll keep praying. I know you did that all night long.

JOHN BEILEIN: I did that praying tonight, thank you.

BILL: All right, back to you, Mike.