Providence’s strong 2nd half propels them to 70-60 win over Butler

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Providence outscored Butler 45-31 in the 2nd half of their 70-60 win.

- Setting the tone.

- Yeah, he's got 4 already here in the early going.

- Nice.

- Nice cut. Bullock on the receiving end from Cartwright.

- And who did we say makes the Friars go, regardless.

- Aaron Thompson's a young player to keep an eye on in this league over time. He's really allowed Baldwin and Jorgensen a chance to play off the ball. Look at that quick burst.

Not there and a follow by Wideman. No block-out from Providence and they took advantage.

Just watching it as a basketball fan the other night. DC, by the way, is 6 of 17 from the floor, 5 turnovers, only 2 assists. And to the point about the ball is not moving, Kyron Cartwright's the guy that's got to move it. And he does right there to Bullock.

- And it was a very calm possession, as we mentioned, just reflecting the demeanor of the coach.

- Nice pass to the baseline to Diallo. That's a mismatch against Jorgensen, well-defended though, and it's pulled down by Martin.

- And you're right, Jorgensen did not allow Diallo to get into the paint, kept him outside to try to throw up that one-hander.

- Baldwin, he's hit some buzzer beaters from there. You'll remember last year in the upset of Philadelphia, it was his steal and deuce that put that game away. Raise the iron. Given that, they're really fortunate that they're only down 8.

- Everybody's coming up short.

- Yeah, they are. Jorgensen did there. And here's Cartwright with numbers. Lindsey.

- That really helps the Providence cause.

- By Kamar Baldwin just recognizing where the paths to the basket were, and Fowler did a nice job of freezing the help.

- Baldwin leading the way with 10. By they way, that 3 by Lindsey, here comes another one. First two 3-pointers of the day for the Friars. 29-25, and the building is lighting up just a bit. Running the curl, Cartwright.

- Great pass on a cut by Diallo.

- And that's a way to get him started, let him see ball go through the hoop a couple of times, easy baskets.

- Tough pass. Jorgensen got in the passing lane, recovered by Alpha Diallo, and yes, and 1. That's letting the game come to you.

- And that's the mismatch.

- Baldwin. Ooh, the iron unkind. Here comes Kyron the other way. How about that move. Oh! Everything is Cartwright.

Lot of those shots are hitting the front of the rim. Cartwright finds Bullock, cutting to the basket. Hello, how do you do. Cartwright is right. 57 to 49. And the Friars closing the door.

Jackson with action. Well, that'll do it. 70 to 60, our final score. Ed Cooley's team holds serve at home. And for Len Elmore, this is Tim Brando saying goodbye from Providence.

- Ed, you and I before the game, we talked about consistency, and you said, the healthier you guys get, the better you get. Tell us about this win and how consistency had an impact on it.

- Well, Martin Luther King's dream is alive today in the Dunkin' Donuts Center. Our kids played well, we're getting healthy, and I think the rhythm of practice, because guys are not sitting out, has allowed us to get a little bit of-- especially in the second half-- a little bit of rhythm and some consistency.

- Well, Kyron Cartwright, in the second half, was the catalyst to that comeback and going out to the league. Tell us about anything you said to him at halftime, or during the huddle in the second half that got him started.

- I told all the seniors, we're going to live and die like with what you guys do. I want the rest of you to follow him. And Kyron, when he's playing at that level, he's one of the best in the country. And when he's playing at that level, Providence College is a really good basketball team.

- Well, I'll tell you what, you guys, going forward, got a pretty tough schedule. You're going to have back-to-back against two ranked teams. Tell me how much you think your guys are ready, and what do you have to do to sustain them?

- Well, Creighton coming in on Saturday, they played us, and we didn't play well at their place. So our guys will be dialed in before we had to Villanova. We're excited to get Coach McDermott back, who is a dear friend of mine. I just hope they're not really good at the Dunkin' Donuts center.

- Well, congratulations. Go back and enjoy this win, and happy Martin Luther King Day.

- Absolutely. To everybody there, and I always want to appreciate Fox. Thank you.

- All right, brother. Take care. Mike.