Cooper Manning catches up with Marquette head coach Steve Wojciechowski

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Cooper Manning sits down with Coach Wojciechowski before Marquette takes on DePaul.

- All righty, Marquette Coach Steve Wojciechowski and, Wo-jo.

- What's going on, man?

- I'm fired up you're here.

- I'm fired up. You look great. You're ready-- you're ready for the season.

- I'm a warrior.

- I love it.

- You played for Coach K, coached under Coach Krzyzewski. You call him Coach K. Now, you've kind of a tricky last name. Are you Coach W? Are you Coach Wo-jo? What's--

- Coach Wo-jo. I couldn't go one letter. But I tried to shorten it as much as possible.

- When I think of you, coach, I think of you on D slapping-- slapping the floor. Is that carried over to Marquette?

- I still get a lot of it from my playing days. And obviously, my guys know that that was something that I was known for. I'd actually like to see us probably do it a little bit more based on our defensive numbers.

- You were a great defensive player. I mean, I meant it's to time to D up.

- Yeah, it was symbolic, like, look, we're getting a stop right here and get down in the stance and let's let's-- let's lock the other team up.

- Can you D up on a play now?

- I have gotten out there more this season in a defensive stance than my previous season. So--

- If you want to borrow this, it could help. You know, this could stop anybody.

- Yeah, well, I'm sure-- I'm sure the guys go back after practice and have a few laughs about how slow I move. But it feels like I'm moving fast. And then I watch the tape.

- You walked in here pretty clearly, I thought.

- It's it's pretty disturbing actually.

- Really?

- Yeah.

- It's sad when it just starts to--

- Father Time, man, it claimed another one.

- Sure did. Well, coach, I appreciate you coming by. It's been an absolute treat.

- I appreciate you getting dressed up.

- Hey, man, I wouldn't do it any other way.