The Culture of Cooley: How Providence’s Ed Cooley has changed the culture of the Friars’ program

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The Culture of Cooley: How Providence's Ed Cooley has changed the culture of the Friars' program

[MUSIC PLAYING] MAN 1: He's done a tremendous amount of stuff for this program.

MAN 2: He truly loved his players.

MAN 3: The way he's built the culture has been very great for Providence College.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ed Cooley, the General!

COOLEY: When I arrived here, I just wanted to try to be successful. I didn't know it would turn out the way it's turning out. But I wanted to come home, have fun, give ourselves an opportunity to be a champion.

ANNOUNCER 2: Congratulations to Providence. They are the big East Tournament champions!

BULLOCK: I heard many stories that it wasn't that great here, and we weren't winning, and it was just bad all around. Now it's this Cooley guy who's definitely taken over the culture.

- Keep playing with some passion, some joy, and some energy. Get the build Into to the game right now. Well, I think the biggest basketball culture change comes from our leadership. When you look at the infrastructure and how that's built, I think that's created a culture change. And we've been very fortunate on the recruiting trail. I think our staff has done a decent job identifying young men that could make it here.

BULLOCK: When I first met Cooley, it felt like I was just talking to one of my friends from back home. And it gives me an opportunity to be the man I want to be. And that's-- I can't ask for nothing else more.

LINDSEY: My family loves Cooley. He's helped out so much. And when he came, it was more about me as a person and helping me graduate more than it was basketball.

CARTWRIGHT: When they recruit people, they always are 100% with them. And that's how our team is on and off the court. We're very, very close. And that chemistry kind of shows out there.

LINDSEY: But we've created a culture of freedom and being able to play hard and love each other when we play and have fun with it.

- Let me get two [INAUDIBLE].


ALL: Whoo!

ANNOUNCER 3: Here comes Cartwright the 3. Got it at the buzzer! What time of year is this? Wow! It feels like March!

COOLEY: And for us to make a big, big jump, our players that are in a program right now have to continue to improve. Go, come on! Get it! Get it! Your older players have to show the younger players what it is. Too slow, senior. You should know this, senior, come on. And then create that culture of just never giving in and never giving up. Not bad. Not bad.

CARTWRIGHT: But we have a lot of great people on the team. A lot of new kids who have signed to come here who are really good. But it's just that mental approach that you are the best. You got to have it.

BULLOCK: I mean, every day, I feel like if we just come in with the same motive just to get better and conquer that day, I feel like we'll definitely be in the national level.

COOLEY: Who are we today? Where are we going tomorrow? And how can we achieve those dreams? I couldn't be more proud and more blessed to be the head coach of Providence College.