No. 1 Villanova tested by upset-minded St. John’s

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Villanova struggled to gain control for most of the game in their 78-71 win over St. John's.

AARON GOLDSMITH: Owens listed 6' 11", 205. He has it beyond the arc.

LEN ELMORE: Nice backdoor.

AARON GOLDSMITH: Backdoor look-- Ponds off the glass.

LEN ELMORE: That's using the aggressiveness of the Villanova defense against it.

AARON GOLDSMITH: Nova trying to get something going offensively. Brunson up and under. Falls through-- his first bucket tonight.

LEN ELMORE: --Ponds. And whomever among Simon and Tariq Owens can put the ball in the basket. Clark is another guy, but you know, that short bench hampers you when there's foul trouble.

AARON GOLDSMITH: Booth steps into it after losing his dribble-- to the putback! Cosby-Roundtree with authority.

LEN ELMORE: But he gets the high-percentage ones.

AARON GOLDSMITH: Backdoor, Yakwe. Yakwe! The junior from Mali.

Ponds with 5 to shoot. The spin. Pretty touch.

LEN ELMORE: And we've seen it now--

AARON GOLDSMITH: DiVincenzo, in rhythm, hits it.

LEN ELMORE: Aaron, you nailed it. In rhythm.

AARON GOLDSMITH: Entry pass knocked away, controlled by Ponds. Clark knocked away by Mikal Bridges.

LEN ELMORE: Ill-advised pass once again turns into fast-break opportunity.

AARON GOLDSMITH: Brunson-- pretty pass to Spellman.

LEN ELMORE: You talk about threading the needle on a bounce pass.

AARON GOLDSMITH: DiVincenzo buries his third from deep.

Brunson fakes the handoff.

LEN ELMORE: Oh, nice.

AARON GOLDSMITH: Pretty pass, better finish. Cosby-Roundtree-- a couple of dunks now tonight.

Ponds gives it up. Two-hand finish, Tariq Owens.

Brunson picks. DiVincenzo burns the nylon again, his fourth from deep.

17 turnovers now for Villanova. St. John's-- only 10 points off of those turnovers. Hang time and the finish. Ponds has been unstoppable since halftime.

--here in the second half. Booth-- the kick. Brunson pulls up. Putback good, Spellman.

Ponds up, under, ties a career-best. 31 points, Shamorie Ponds.

In Brunson's hands. Frontcourt, Paschall. Bridges testing the leg and looks all right!