No. 10 Xavier dominates No. 25 Creighton

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No. 10 Xavier bounces back with a dominate win of No. 25 Creighton 92-70. Trevon Bluiett led the Musketeers with 24. Xavier improves to 16-3 on the season.

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 1: And you and I agreed on this. It's probably going to come down to the bigs.

ANNOUNCER 2: Goodman gets in the passing lane.


That kind of defensive effort is what Mack is looking for.

Hegner tried to shake loose, but can't. Foster for 3. Count it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Can't lose sight of him. There's just no way you should come down on any set and be detached from Marcus Foster. You--

ANNOUNCER 2: Xavier's done the job on the offensive glass. They've got three key offensive rebounds leading the points. There's Bluiett. Hello. How do you do?

Gates, though, with a rejection. That's protecting the rim. Here's save. But right to Marshall. Thomas unfortunately threw it in the wrong direction.

This is now a destination job thanks to Chris Mack. Look at that rejection. Get it out of here. What lift.

ANNOUNCER 1: You talked about it, one of those guys that can really help your team elevate your axillary guys off the bench. That is just tremendous.

ANNOUNCER 2: If there's no double, this kid's dynamite.

Off the heel this time. Look at Gates on the offensive glass.

Count it. And the foul.

That would be inviting to them, going in at the break.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. They had not scored a field goal, until then, in the last five minutes or so. But it has to turn into a three-minute game.

ANNOUNCER 2: Creighton is pressing some. Now here's a steal. A pilfer and a deuce for Foster.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, I love his speed, but that's just a rare miscue for Xavier in transition.

ANNOUNCER 2: His percentage out of timeouts, too, drawing up plays is unmatched.

Another steal by Foster. End to end. And with authority.

Get a little lazy.

ANNOUNCER 1: You talk about a cellophane bridge for Khyri Thomas. Now there's a lid on it.

ANNOUNCER 2: That scoop to the hoop has a follow. And with harm. O'Mara playing like a big ugly would play.

ANNOUNCER 1: When I played in the Big East, I mean, if you couldn't handle yourself from the wing it was hard to succeed in this conference. And you're seeing that again.

ANNOUNCER 2: How about that put and a foul. Gates gets it, along with the foul that goes against Howard Little. Unable to find the lid in today's game, and blew it one more time.

ANNOUNCER 1: He really knows how to rub it in. I think Trevon blew it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow. And another pick. Goodman drops it off for the trailer Bluiett. Bada bing, bada boom. The Musketeers are back. 19 in the game for Trevon.

A great performance for Kaiser Gates today. Donny, really enjoyed it. Always good to be with you. It's been fun.

ANNOUNCER 1: Always a blast. Always a blast.

ANNOUNCER 2: Big win for Chris Mack. He gets to 202 to tie Pete Gillen.