Kelan Martin tallies career-high 37 points in Butler’s 94-83 win over Marquette

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Kelan Martin made 12 of 17 shots for 37 points in Butler's 94-83 win over Marquette.

COMMENTATOR 1: They're running Howard off those screens. Hauser, deep, knocks down the 3. They average 12 3s per game. Howard, the other way, being defended by Kamar Baldwin, spinning inside, and scoring is Sacar Anim. Anim, a driver.

Oh, what a shot by Kelan Martin. And a chance for 3.


In the meantime, Howard has only taken one shot in the first 11 minutes of this game. Baldwin's been really good. Rowsey, misses the throw, he got it. Man, it looked like he was going to come out and then some [INAUDIBLE] how it caught some Velcro and pulled back in.

And Baldwin, along that baseline, scores. And Butler, back in front by 3. Bulldogs biggest lead has been 6. We've got a time out on the floor. --Down low to help. Eight seconds left on the shot clock. They get it to Elliott, and he throws it down. It's a great play from both Heldt and Elliott, understanding who they are as players.

Good transition, defense, trying to take it away. Jorgensen comes back to his left and makes a nice fade shot. Butler, by 7, they have their biggest lead. Heldt, spins back to the lane, stolen by Baldwin. Alley oop to Kelan Martin and Wojciechowski calls time out. Wideman, Hauser on him, pulls his way up, spins back, can't get it to go. Baddley tried for the rebound, but it bounces to a Golden Eagle. Hauser, for 3. And just like that, 8 point game. Martin getting to start with Wideman. Martin, Jorgensen, and Thompson on the floor for the Bulldogs. Oh. Tyler Wideman with a beautiful feed from Aaron Thompson. --Slipped down and he pushes it over to Howard. Rowsey, for 3.

What a great comeback. Baldwin stays with Howard, who now gets the ball. Markus moves around and drives it and scores. And ties the game at 56.

What a game for Sam Hauser, give him 23 points. Punch 3, controlled by Howard, got to find the 3 point shooters. And that's Sam Hauser, 26 for Hauser. And Marquette, by 4. Got numbers. Elliott, he hits the 3. Wow. That's how quickly they can come back.


And he drains the 3. Butler, back in front by 1.


Rowsey loses it, picked up by Jorgensen, Martin, yes!


COMMENTATOR 2: This is like the roller-coaster.

COMMENTATOR 1: --trying to take him and here he goes. Fades, short, picked up by Jorgensen. A 3 and a chance for 4.


And Jorgensen has been in the middle of this comeback. --Rowsey on his left. He had Rowsey all by himself and instead goes to the freshmen, ends in a turnover. Kelan Martin, a game. Kelan Martin with 30 points. Paul has Rowsey on hand, works for court, gets it to Martin. That's a new career high with 37 points for Kelan Martin.


COMMENTATOR 1: And Marquette turns it over.

COMMENTATOR 2: Goodness.

COMMENTATOR 1: Well, LaVall Jordan's got to be thrilled with how much fight this team showed to battle back after giving up a big lead. What a performance for Kelan Martin. And Butler's three game losing streak is now history. And the final score, Butler, 94, Marquette, 83. That man with a career high 37 points on 12 of 17 to the floor.

- And I thought he did a really good job of not forcing things. We got him on the mismatch a few times and he let the game come to him. And that's been Kelan's evolution this season is being a lot more poised and just letting it come to him. And his teammates found him and everybody contributed. You know, we talked at halftime that they weren't going to go away, they probably had a run in them. And I love how we answered.